Dallas Part 1

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Dallas Part 1Dallas While on holiday with some friends about 3 years ago and not having had much female companionship for most of the previous 9 years I met with Dallas who became the catalyst for me finding myself, sexually that is.Our first encounter was only slight while having a drink in a bar I seen her and thought now that’s one very sexy woman, with curves in all the right places, exactly how I like it. Even though she appeared to be alone, with my lack of confidence I chose to admire from a distance.A few nights later while walking down the prom I saw her sitting on a bench just staring out to sea. I walked up and down past her a few times wishing I had the courage to stop and say something. But then it was taken out of my hands as after a few more passes she spoke to me saying you’ve been up and down here quite a bit you must see something you like, I sheepishly replied oh me emm yes I suppose so. She then replied why not sit until you’re sure. Ok I said feeling myself turn bright red in the process after all here I was being asked to sit with the sexiest woman I had seen in a long time never mind the fact that she had spoken to me and asked me to sit with her. Plus it was a very warm night and she was wearing a very low cut dress which showed off her ample breasts which I admit I was almost salivating over. She introduced herself saying hi I’m Dallas and I replied Dave nice to meet you. We made some small talk mostly her doing the talking and she then said you don’t have much to say are you always this quiet. I just apologised and said I’m just a bit shy. Have you always been shy she asked and I said no when I was a bit younger I wasn’t. She asked why now then and short reply was ex-wife syndrome to which she laughed and asked would I like to go to the bar she saw me in the other night and I said I’d love to. Over drinks we chatted and gradually I relaxed more and more and found her very easy to chat to and before I knew it, it was 2am the time had just flown by. She was staying in the hotel next door and I walked her to the door and made arrangements to meet the next afternoon for lunch.I was still a bit shy at lunch but soon was chatting away again as Dallas had put me at such ease. After lunch we took a stroll down the beach chatting and laughing all the time I couldn’t remember when I had had such a good time in someone’s company particularly a woman’s and a beautiful woman at that. With the sun beating down we decided to go back to the bar for a drink to cool us down and Dallas asked if I’d like to go with her to her hotel pool where we could relax in the shade which I thought was a great idea and went with her where we found a couple of sun loungers with some shade in a nice quiet area where we could continue to chat. Before she sat down she said she was going to her room to change into a bikini leaving me thinking this will be too much for me. I heard my name being called behind me and found her standing just behind me her room was on the ground floor and her balcony was just behind where we had found the loungers but what I saw was a vision, Dallas did not disappoint. She sniggered and said sorry picked this spot on purpose as it is so handy for my room as you can see.I got some drinks from the bar and we continued chatting and I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she just looked so hot and sexy which of course was causing some discomfort in my shorts. She eventually noticed my discomfort and laughed saying are all these young girls by the pool upsetting you, going as red as I’ve ever been I stammered out it’s not because of them, with a gleam in her eye you mean it’s because of me, to which all I could say was yes. She laughed and said lucky we’re not out in the sun then or you would be in terrible trouble rubbing sun cream on my back, I laughed but thought if only I could and everywhere else as well. Dallas then smirked and said I can cover up if you prefer and I said no no don’t do that I’ll be fine, laughing she said or I could go topless, getting even redder and my throat feeling so dry I could hardly speak I managed to say only if you want to. She sat up turned her back to me (and thinking she was going to cover up to save my embarrassment) she said can you unhook my top for me, my emotions were all over the place embarrassed and excited at the same time but I done what she asked and taking it off she turned back and smiled still like what you see, oh yes I said.You really are very shy she then said and I replied as I said before I wasn’t always and she said there might be a lot of pent up frustrations in you would you like me to help you release them, I was taking a sip from my drink when she said this and I nearly choked on it and said what? Dallas answered would you like to take me into my room and continue this. Thinking that all my birthdays had come at once I said of course I would and she said well come on then gather our belongings and let’s get in there. I gathered all our belongings and followed Dallas into the room where she eskişehir escort turned and said just drop that stuff anywhere we can sort it later, doing so I just dropped it and looked at her, I followed her eyes and she was looking at the bulge in my shorts which was now at full size and twitching with anticipation she just said, my, you do look ready, I don’t need to do much to help you along she then said just relax and knelt down in front of me loosening my shorts she pulled them down over my engorged cock and just before she put her tongue to it she said let’s see how much you have for me. She flicked her tongue across the top of my cock and I let out an enormous moan feeling her hold the base with her hand she moved her tongue up and down my shaft I was on cloud nine, my desire for her soaring then she took me in her mouth slowly deeper and deeper then dragging her teeth back up my shaft I could hardly stand, then she began to lick and suck on my balls she was driving me delirious. I couldn’t take much more and knew I was close to cumming and not wanting to cum to soon I pulled her to her feet and began to kiss her slowly at first but then harder and more passionately, I began to squeeze and play with her fantastic tits and said I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you. I took her nipple in my mouth and began to suck on it listening to her moan I began to suck harder and then switched to the other one. I stopped and moved her to the bed pushing her down I then started on her tits again and the more she moaned the more I worked them even beginning to nibble on them. I removed her bikini bottoms and moved between her legs first kissing her thighs then biting them just glancing on her very wet shaved pussy (my first) as I moved from one to the other, then I just began to lick her pussy gently at first moving from the entrance all the way up to her clit which made her moan even more I continued this until I heard her say, eat my clit please eat my clit make me cum, so I took her clit between my teeth and began to flick it with my tongue, rolling my tongue around it, sucking on it, I began to feel her bucking and I had to grab her so I could keep contact with her clit and heard her say I’m cumming and I held on to her clit listening to her moaning as she seemed to just cum and cum till I felt her relax as her body stopped shaking and knew she was finished. My face was covered in her juice. Dallas’s breathing was laboured but I moved up and positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy looked her in the eyes and she just said yes please but let me kiss you as you ride me, I leaned forward as I entered her feeling the warmth of her pussy on my cock and the warmth of her mouth as we kissed, I started to ride her slowly at first pushing in and out enjoying the feel of her gradually building speed I began to go deeper with each stroke pushing harder each time I could feel her tightening on my cock enjoying this I pushed as hard and as deep as I could and feeling her tense up and then begin to cum again I couldn’t hold back anymore and drove my cock into her and came like I’d never cum before in my life. I just held her while my body shook with the orgasm and then almost out of breath I slipped down beside her listening to her breathing get back to normal she said you weren’t so shy when you got going and I just said I did tell you there is lots of pent up frustration in there but a little less now we both laughed.Over drinks and later dinner we chatted a lot about sex, I still found it a bit uneasy but was slowly opening up to her and letting her know that although shy I still had fantasies which I had never followed through on, a lot of which were of me taking charge and where I would tease and tantalise making a woman hold off from cumming till I wanted her to and perhaps some spanking but as yet still unsure I could do this. Dallas listened intently to me asking some questions but eventually saying she would like me to fulfil my fantasy and we could work on them and if we didn’t like or want to do something then we would respect each other’s choices.I had never spoken so candidly about sex before especially with a woman and all this chat had my mind racing my heart pounding and my cock throbbing and eventually the inevitable happened and I needed to use the loo, Dallas noticed my discomfort and asked what was wrong I told her I couldn’t walk across the bar to the loo with my cock the way it was and she laughed and began to tease me, licking her lips reminding me how much I enjoyed her mouth on my cock, but then she took a step further and slipped her hand into my shorts and began to stroke my cock which made it stiffen even more. I just looked at her and said my god what are you doing she just said don’t you like it and squeezed my cock harder, I could only say yes but here now, she asked do you want me to stop, I can stop if you want it’s your choice. No, keep doing it I replied you’re driving me crazy. MMMMM was her reply. Dallas continued escort eskişehir to rub my cock up and down and gently squeezing the head. Dallas then said mmmm lots of precum and took her hand away and licked her fingers. She was so hot and she knew exactly how to get to me. She kept rubbing my cock up and down fast then slow when she thought I might be to close then realising I was almost past the point of no return she took her hand away and smirked, I realised she had only stopped because the waiter was seating a couple in the next booth, when he moved away she put her hand back and began stroking my cock again and whispered I’m wet thinking about how hard you are now and how good it felt having this inside me as she gives my cock a good pull making me gasp (much more and I would cum in my shorts). I managed to recover my composer as difficult as it was and I told her she would definitely be getting more of it and sooner than she might think. Her reply was well pay the bill and show me. The little devil kept stroking me while I dealt with the waitress who asked if I was ok as I looked a bit distressed but I said no I’ll be fine as she looked at you and you winked at her and I think she knew what you were up to.With a little difficulty I got up and we left the restaurant and I said lets take a walk down the promenade. Dallas replied ok it’s a nice night out and we can enjoy the views.It’s not the views I was thinking about although it was a perfect night clear skies and the full moon reflected across the calm sea. As we strolled along the prom we came to some steps leading down to the beach and I said shall we and with a twinkle in her eye, Dallas replied yes lets. When we reached the beach the sun beds had been arranged for the next morning and we lay down on 2 and chatted. I watched her as the moon lit up her features and I just had to have her so I got up and moved to her I looked down on her and said Dallas I have to have you now I didn’t wait for a reply I just kissed her as I did my hands ran the length of her body, her legs parted as I ran my hand over her pussy, I squeezed her boobs and pinched her nipples. I could feel how hard they were getting as I teased them and her moaning encouraged me more and more. I knelt up and positioned myself between her legs I began rubbing my hand over her pussy she moaned even more as I increased the pressure and she moved to stand and took off her dress. She then lay back on the sun bed saying now where were you and I spread her legs, I kissed and licked along each of her thighs then ran my tongue over her pussy lips barely touching it. I looked up and could see she had her boobs in her hands squeezing and pinching.I was so turned on my cock was hard and all I wanted was to get inside her but I also wanted to give her as much enjoyment as I could so I parted her pussy lips and listened to her moan in pleasure as I placed my tongue on her clit. I slowly circled it tasting her as I did wanting more I slid my tongue lower and began to lick her juices, and she was very wet her juice was running down between the cheeks of her ass and my tongue followed and got every drop teasing all of her as I did. I lifted my face looked at her as I guided my hand over her pussy and began to rub on her clit her body immediately responded moving slowly with me then I lowered my hand and circled the entrance to her pussy her breathing was heavier now and she said yes Dave finger me. So I pushed first one then two fingers inside her and began to fuck her running my fingers in and out. Dallas moved one hand to her clit and began rubbing it teasing it. I put a third finger in and began turning and twisting my fingers inside her. Dallas was so wet by now her juices were in full flow and I removed my fingers and rubbed her pussy all over and down between her ass cheeks. She began rubbing her clit even harder and I put my fingers back in her pussy as I could see she was getting close and I wanted to have my fingers inside her when she came. It didn’t take long before she came I watched her as her hips began to buck her chest lifting and dropping with breathing her boobs heaving she came hard on my fingers and I looked down on her as I slowed down and she relaxed I took my fingers from her pussy and I licked every drop of her form them. I pulled her closer to me. I knelt up and rubbed my cock the length of her and then I slipped it into her pussy. I could hear her catch her breath as it first went in and then I began to ride her giving her all my cock sliding in and out she began to move with me speeding up as I did I put one hand down and rubbed her clit with my thumb and she moaned louder and louder saying Dave make me cum so I rode her harder and rubbed her clit more and she came again bucking her hips on my cock. I began to speed up even more and dropped my head taking one of her nipples in my mouth sucking in her tit as much as I could I came hard inside her and then collapsed on her while catching my breath. It wasn’t eskişehir escort bayan easy but the two of us then lay on the one sun bed for a while just taking in the atmosphere. We eventually stirred ourselves and headed back to the hotel for a drink.I found us a nice quite cubicle to sit in and I got Dallas a Southern Comfort while I had a pint of beer. We were chatting away when I looked at her and said I have an idea. What sort of idea she said well I said I’ve told you I’d like to take charge to which she replied yes well I want to start now. Ok I think she said with a smile what’s in your head. I told her a little revenge to start with.I told Dallas to tease my cock the way she had earlier in the bar and she immediately put her hand in my shorts to find I was already hard, as she began to stroke my cock and it grew a little more. I told her now take it out and go down on it. Dallas looked at me and said really. I said yes and she glanced around the bar which was a little quiet looked at me and then Dallas pulled my shorts down a bit and put her mouth on my cock she sucked it in deep and worked her head up and down getting quicker each time I eventually tensed and as my cock pulsed I shot my cum into her mouth and she swallowed every drop. Sitting back up she showed me the last drop before she swallowed it and took a sip from her southern comfort to follow it down.Over the next few minute I let my cock settle down as I wanted to go to the loo and Dallas said she also needed to go when I just had a thought and said no you stay there and wait for me to come back I needed time to think.I came back from the loo and sat down and Dallas said I’ll just go to the loo now then to which I replied, did you ask to go to the loo, no she said, then you’re not going I guess. Dallas said but I need to go and I said no stay there while I get drinks, I went and came back with some fresh drinks but instead of southern comfort for her I got her a pint of beer, Dallas looked at me aghast and said can I go to the loo now then and I said after you’ve had your drink perhaps, she just looked at me and said what have I done I may have created a monster and we both laughed, I asked are you ok with this and she said yes whatever I want and thankfully I like beer. I just said there’s plenty more where that came from.When Dallas had finished her beer she looked at me pleadingly and asked please may I go to the loo, I let her go she rushed away and when she came back she looked so relieved I had to laugh. She said thanks then she realised there was another pint of beer waiting for her. We had that as our last drink and I didn’t tease her by stopping her going to the loo when she needed to. We made our way back to her room and once there I took her in my arms and just kissed her with as much passion as possible our tongues intertwining, she returned the kiss with as much passion and when we broke apart she just went wow and began to undress but I stopped her and said lets open the balcony doors and sit out there for a while, looking a bit miffed she agreed and we moved out having sat for a while I told her to take off her panties, which she did and then I said now I want you to play with yourself but don’t allow yourself to cum till I say. She quickly pulled up her dress and began to rub her pussy slowly up and down she moved her fingers, gliding over her clit moaning each time she did, I could hear how wet her pussy was and see how shiny it was in the low light on the balcony, she was being careful not to go to fast or hard so she wouldn’t get to close to needing to cum so I told her to put a finger inside her pussy and begin to fuck herself, she did so but still was careful not to go to fast and I allowed her this for a few minutes but then said two fingers now and she did so and I could see she was getting more and more excited her breathing heavier and her ample chest heaving with every breath and of course the more she played the more she moaned so I insisted she worked herself harder and use three fingers she did this and began to look a bit panicked when I said remember don’t cum, Dallas said but I’m so close it won’t take much more please let me cum, I just looked at her and said no you may not cum, now stop what you’re doing and put your panties back on, she of course then pleaded oh please let me cum please, please I’m so close but I said no do as I have said, she began to plead again and I said leave your panties off for now and go into the room, thinking I was giving in to her she did so but I followed her in and bent her over the end of the bed raised her skirt and rubbed around her pussy.Feeling how wet she was I asked are you ready for my cock now, oh yes she said and I replied perhaps tomorrow because girls who misbehave don’t get treats and I began to slap her ass hearing her moan I knew she liked it and so did I. I had become very hard during all this playtime but knew I had to be firm so I stopped the spanking and told her put on your panties and get ready for bed and do not play with your pussy again till I say you can. We both got into bed and Dallas fell asleep very quickly while I lay there thinking about all that had happened. I realised I liked it and wanted to explore some more with her, I slept well that night.

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