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Favourite Au Pair story;)The house was empty, or so it seemed. Tom took off his jacket and hung it over the back of a chair in the living room. He went to the kitchen and took a beer from the fridge. Opening it, he took a long swig and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.“Ah… the weekend. Let the good times roll!” he thought to himself.He started to climb the stairs of the house, taking off his tie with his free hand. He took another swig of his beer, and heard what sounded like a moan. He stopped on the stairs and turned around. Seeing no one, he shrugged his shoulders and continued up the stairs.He arrived at the landing and again heard the noise, louder this time. He looked around and again saw no one. He walked towards the master bedroom, passing by the au pairs door. He noticed that it was slightly ajar, and then heard another moan. He stopped and listened. The house was silent accept for the occasional moan. He wanted to know where it was coming from. Another moan, or was it more of a grunt? He knew where it was coming from this time.Tom crept up to the au pairs door, and slowly eased it open. The site that met his eyes caused his heart to beat faster. There, lying on her bed, naked as the days she was born, was Sylvie, the au pair. Her eyes were closed. Her left hand was feeling her right breast, pinching her nipple. Her right hand was wrapped around the end of a vibrator that she was busy plunging in and out of her pussy.Tom watched mesmerized by her display. Her breathing was becoming more urgent and her thrusting was getting faster. Her hand was a blur as she thrust the fake penis in and out of her with speed. Tom could feel his own sense of arousal. He looked down and could see the bulge forming at the front of his trousers. He returned his attentions back to Sylvie. She stopped tweaking her nipple and ran her hand down her body. She started to feverishly rub her clitoris whilst still keeping the momentum of her thrusting.She started to thrash her head about. Her moans were now more audible and regular. She started to raise her hips in time with her thrusting.“Oh my God!!!!” she screamed as she shuddered to her climax. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”She was still rubbing her clit but she had slowed down with both hands. She pulled the vibrator out and brought it up to her mouth. She stuck out her tongue and began to lick it clean. Tom leant against the doorframe, making a creaking sound. Sylvie turned her head.“Mr. Green! Oh my… I am… oh dear….”, she mumbled, trying in vain to cover herself.“Shit… Sylvie… I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to… I just become mesmerized but what you were doing!”Both people were as embarrassed as each other. Sylvie could notice the bulge in Tom’s trousers, and this turned her on. She liked the thought of being watched and she licked her lips in that provocative way that only women can do. Tom couldn’t take his eyes of this beautiful woman. She laid the vibrator on bilecik escort the bed then swung her legs round till she was sitting, feet on the floor, legs clasped together. She stood and walked towards Tom.“I see that you liked what you saw.” Her eyes darted down to the Toms’ bulge.“Umm… actually… now that you mention it. It was one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen!”Sylvie got onto her knees in front of Tom. She reached up and started to undo his belt. Tom felt helpless and couldn’t resist. She popped the button on his trousers and undid his zip, pulling them to the floor. She rubbed her hand over the bulge. It was getting harder and harder. She pulled his boxers to the floor and was greeted by his cock, stiff as a flagpole. She tried to wrap her hand around it but couldn’t.“Mmmm…. Mr. Green… what have you been hiding from me?”She lowered her mouth and licked the tip of his cock. She could taste the pre-cum that had seeped out whilst he was watching her furiously masturbating. She opened her mouth and enveloped the head, running her tongue around the rim.“Oh God… Sylvie! That feels so good.”He brought his hand around and started to stroke her hair as she began to suck him. She managed to get the whole thing in her mouth without gagging, all 8 inches. She withdrew and began to wank him harder. Tom’s eyes were closed and his breathing was getting heavier. She put him back in her mouth and sucked the tip, flicking her tongue over the slit whilst still wanking him. Tom was unable to hold on any longer.“I’m going to cum!” he exclaimed.Sylvie took his cock out of her mouth and wanked him faster. She caressed his balls with her other hand and she could feel them tighten as she sensed his cumming. She lightly flicked her tongue over his slit and that had the required effect!“OH GOD!!” Tom moaned as he unleashed torrents of cum, splashing all over her pretty face, in her mouth and dripping onto her tits. Sylvie carried on wanking him, wanting to get all of his cum. She took him in her mouth again and tasted the final spurts of his cumming.“Sylvie! Wow! That was good.”Sylvie looked up and smiled, cum dripping from her. She opened her mouth to show him his cum, then swallowed. She stood up and kissed Tom full on the mouth. He could taste himself and found the experience quite erotic.She sashayed back to her bed and sat down, opening her legs wide. She reached down and spread the lips of her pussy wide, exposing her erect clitoris.“Now it’s my turn. Come here and lick my pussy until I cum!” she demanded.Tom divested what was left of his clothes and crawled towards Sylvie. She inserted a finger into her self, and then pulled it out covered in her juices. Tom leant forward and took the finger in his mouth, cleaning it. He popped the finger out, and then leant forward, his tongue extended and gave an experimental lick of her now very evidently wet pussy.Sylvie moaned as she felt his tongue on her bilecik escort bayan most private of places. Tom latched his mouth onto her clit and sucked. He brought up his hand and inserted one, then two fingers into her lubricated hole. He began to pump, still sucking on her clit. He inserted another finger, and another. Sylvie moaned louder, one hand on the back of his head, keeping him in place, the other roving between her two tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples.“What the fuck is going on here?!”Tom stopped and turned around. Sylvie sat up quickly.“What the hell do you think you two are doing?”Tom gulped. “Charlotte… dear… what are you doing here?”“I live here Tom… remember! Now tell me what you were doing?”“Mrs. Green… I’m so sorry… it was all my fault… I was home alone and…”“Shut up Sylvie!” exclaimed Charlotte. “Tom… come here!”Tom stood up and moved towards his wife, trying to hide his erection.“Put your hands down!” Charlotte commanded. Tom did as he was told. “Has this little foreign bitch got you excited then Tom?”“I’m sorry Charlotte.” Was all that Tom could muster. He felt so ashamed.“I didn’t ask you whether you were sorry or not, I asked if she got you excited!”“Yes.” Tom replied, meekly.“Get on your knees!” said Charlotte. Tom again did what he was told, not wanting to aggravate things any further. “Right… you two are going to do exactly what I say, or there is going to be hell to pay, OK?”Sylvie and Tom nodded their heads in agreement. “OK.” They said simultaneously.Charlotte strutted towards Sylvie, who was still sat bolt upright on the bed, legs clasped tightly together.“Lie down!” Charlotte told Sylvie. She lay down. Charlotte reached under her skirt and pulled her thong down. She got on to the bed and crawled over to where Sylvie’s head lay. She sat knelt astride Sylvie’s head and lifted her skirt.“Lick my pussy!” she commanded.Tom, who still had his head hung in shame looked up with a start. He suddenly liked what was evolving. Charlotte crouched further down onto Sylvie’s face, and she could feel her tongue rasp across her pussy.“Oh yes! Tom! Get over here and get back to what you were doing!”Tom quickly stood and almost ran to where the two beautiful women were. He got on to the bed quickly and lowered his head to Sylvie’s beautiful pussy once again.This time it was Sylvie’s time to moan. She had never experienced anything like this before. She had often fantasized about tasting another woman, but now she was experiencing it first hand. Tom sucked on her clit as he did before and started to stroke her pussy with his fingers. She seemed to be wetter than before, and he inserted four fingers with ease. Sylvie raised her hips and moaned, causing a vibration on Charlotte’s clit.Charlotte meanwhile had taken off her blouse and bra. She was writhing on Sylvie’s tongue and loving it. Sylvie made her tongue rigid and thrust it into Charlotte’s dripping escort bilecik pussy; she could feel the juices all over her chin. Charlotte reached down and began to frig her clit. She was desperate to cum! Her cheeks flushed and her breathing became shallow. She was close.Charlotte raised herself and stood on the bed. She quickly pulled her skirt off and was left in her stocking and suspenders. She crouched back down over Sylvie’s face and Sylvie’s tongue again explored her pussy.“Tom… Come here… I want you in my mouth.”Tom stopped and stood. He moved to where Charlotte was and offered her his cock. She opened up her mouth and took seemed to swallow him. Tom groaned at this new feeling on his very hard cock. He watched as his beautiful wife writhed on his au pair’s face. It was all too much for him, and for the second time in an hour he came. Charlotte clamped her mouth around his cock and sucked as hard as she could. She wanted it all.Tom withdrew his limp cock from Charlotte’s mouth and she licked her lips, cleaning the cum off them. Her eyes were closed and she was very close to cumming herself.“Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s it… suck my clit you little bitch! Fuck! Oh God! YES!!!”Charlotte came with a shudder. She hadn’t had an orgasm like that for a very long time. She got off Sylvie’s face and leant down to kiss her. She wanted to taste her own juices. She then noticed the vibrator lying on the bed.Charlotte picked up the vibrator and crawled down the bed. Sylvie looked up and she noticed a lascivious grin on her boss’s lips. Charlotte turned twisted the bottom and it buzzed in to life. She inserted it hard up Sylvie’s pussy. Tom was watching and slowly rubbed his cock. He could feel himself getting aroused again.Charlotte turned around, still with the vibrator in her hand and presented her arse to Tom.“Fuck me, Tom! Now!”Tom moved forward and rubbed his cock against Charlotte’s pussy lips, then, with one thrust, inserted himself to the hilt.“God…. Yes… that feels so good!”Tom began to slowly thrust in and out. He knew that he would be able to last seeing as he had already come twice. Sylvie raised her hand and brought it between Charlotte’s legs. She started to rub her hard clit.Charlotte was moaning. Sylvie was moaning. Tom was moaning. Sweat was dripping off al three of them. Tom sped up. Sylvie began to groan as the vibrator was doing its trick on her! She was going to cum. Charlotte too was about to cum from the pace and feel of Tom’s cock.“I’m going to cum!” Sylvie exclaimed.“So am I!” Charlotte retorted.Both women jerked and moaned. They let out a string of obscenities as they both shuddered to their climaxes. Tom was still fucking his wife’s beautiful pussy, and he could feel himself getting close.He pulled out and lay Charlotte on the bed next to Sylvie. He sat astride them both, his cock at their faces. He wanked himself hard and fast.“FUCK!!!!!” Tom came what seemed like gallons. Spurt after spurt splashing over the two women’s faces and mouths. The last bits dripped form his cock onto them, and then he collapsed, exhausted.“Mmmmmmmm….” moaned Charlotte. “I don’t think things are going to be the same around here anymore!”

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