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First time showingAfter a night out with friends and work colleagues Lisa (my wife) and I were staying at her friend Gary’s house as we live quite a distance from everyone else. We and another couple made our way back where we continued talking and having some more drinks. After about an hour the other couple left and shortly afterwards the wife said she was going to bed. Gary and I wished her goodnight and carried on chatting. Gary was a work colleague of my wife’s who I’d met once or twice before and had always come across as a nice guy. After a few more drinks he asked me if I knew that he was bisexual, I said yes the wife had mentioned it. He asked if I had a problem with bisexual/gay men I told him not at all. Feeling brave due to the alcohol, I said now we’re on the subject, would he mind answering a question for me and he said of course not. I asked if the two of us were on the same sports team would he get turned on by looking at my cock in the showers after the game. He said not necessarily unless he fancied me or he knew that I wanted him to look at my cock then yes he probably would. I said fair enough. He asked if it would bother me knowing that he or another man were looking at me. I said not at all, if I can turn someone on just by standing there while they looked at me then carry on. Gary asked if I meant what I said or was I saying it not to offend or embarrass him. I told him I genuinely meant it but I could see the doubt on his face. çorum escort At this point the thought of him looking at and enjoying my cock was getting quite exciting and I now really wanted to show it to him. I told Gary I could see he wasn’t completely convinced and asked if I got my cock out and showed him then and there would he believe me. He laughed and said I dare you. I undid my zip, undid the buttons on my boxers and slowly pulled my semi erect cock out. Gary looked and said he really didn’t think that I was going to do it. I asked if he believed me now and he said that he did. He said you really don’t mind another guy looking at your cock do you. I told him I didn’t mind at all and if he was enjoying looking at it, then to be honest, I found it quite exciting. He said he was definitely enjoying it. I pulled my jeans and boxer shorts down, lifted my shirt and said how’s that. Gary told me I had a nice cock and said are you going to show me what you do with it. I said that I would love to show him. I took my t-shirt off stepped out of my jeans and now stood completely naked in front of him. I couldn’t believe how excited I felt knowing another guy was looking at my by now fully erect and very hard cock. I walked over to where he was sat and stood directly in front of him. I started to slowly stroke my cock, working my foreskin along my erect shaft. I turned to the left then the right making sure he saw every inch of my cock while I was wanking. çorum escort bayan I asked if he was enjoying watching me work my cock and he said yes. I said if you were to get your cock out I’d be able to see how much you’re enjoying it. He stood up unbuttoned his jeans and took out his cock. It was a good 8-9 inches completely shaved, circumcised and really smooth. I thought to myself that is one gorgeous cock and realised that looking at his cock had made me very hard. He was getting erect watching me slowly stroke my cock, and I was totally enjoying his cock when he said what do we do if Lisa comes down. I told him that if that happened, then I would just carry on wanking. I told him I thought it was only fair that if she did come down and see us that he should be completely naked as well. He said so it wouldn’t worry you if your wife caught the two of us naked and wanking together. I told him that she had watched me wanking hundreds of times and she really does enjoy it. I said wanking in front of Lisa is fantastic but the thought of her seeing me wanking with another guy was very very exciting especially as she would get to see him (a work colleague) naked and working his cock as well. He smiled and took the rest of his clothes off standing with his hands behind his back. I told him that I’d never really thought about another guys cock in a sexual way before but I thought he had a truly gorgeous cock and he replied he loved the fact that escort çorum I was enjoying his cock, and I was. Standing there completely naked having a naked guy with a gorgeous cock watch me while I’m wanking was better than I could have hoped for. I knew it was something I’d wanted to try but I can’t believe how excited and aroused I felt. He started to work his cock and we watched each other stroking our cocks and pleasuring ourselves. I watched him slowly working his foreskin up and down and I enjoyed every inch of his cock and balls. After 10 minutes I looked at Gary and said I’m going to cum and he said do it. I carried on slowly stroking watching him wanking and enjoying his cock. I looked him straight in the eye and gave a huge moan of pleasure as I shot my load. The feeling was magnificent. 10 seconds later I saw Garys gorgeous smooth cock jerk as he moaned with pleasure and then I saw his thick white cum slowly appear from the end of his big cock. Both cocks cumming at the same time. He worked his cock for 60 seconds as more and more cum oozed from his cock. We stood there for a moment and caught our breath. He asked if it was something I’d like to do again. I said it was definitely something I wanted to do again and asked him next time (and there will be a next time) if he would let me stroke his cock as I’d love to wank myself and another guy at the same time. He said he would love to have me work his cock for him and would I let another guy touch my cock. I said touch it now. He put his hand around my cock and gently squeezed. I told him the next time we get the opportunity we will pleasure ourselves but we have to make each other cum. Gary looked and said it’s a deal.

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