Fucked in the Train Toilet fantasy revealed.

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Fucked in the Train Toilet fantasy revealed.I was on the Edinburgh to Glasgow train, when I went to the toilet, the type with the revolving halve door. The carriage was empty as it was early morning.I checked the locking mechanism which showed the toilet as open and empty, so I pressed the button, and it opened.I saw some articles of clothing, but being a tad desperate for a pee, I stepped inside, looking at the close door button, in my desperation to close the door, and it started immediately, as did I, raising my dress and hooking my thumbs into my panties.Wearing suspenders and stockings and pulling my panties down as I turned, my eyes on the pan, I finally saw him standing there, naked and wanking himself.I almost fainted, I chocked, could not utter a sound, as I stood fully exposed to his eyes, the warmth of his semen hitting my thighs and crotch, as he moved in on me.I stood shaking, feeling the heat of his nude body against me, like a bad dream, ‘I’m hatay escort sorry’ he kept muttering over and over, as he hugged me.This surreal experience happened so quickly, and as the fright and fear subsided and the dirty deed was over in seconds, I had a split decision to make, feeling his semen come out of solution and run down my upper thighs and form a small pool on the tops of my stockings.He was embracing me, and my nostrils were flared, part fright and full of his expensive aftershave, in fact, strange to say his heat, smell, and general presence, made me feel secure as the relief swept over me, he had achieved his aim, and now it was all down to my forgiveness, the fact that I did not struggle, offer any resistance, and made no sound while he finished, appeared to turn everything on t’s head.’It’s OK’, was all I said, ‘just go’, I continued. I could feel I was taking control, well until I looked down at my feet, I was standing in a huge escort hatay puddle of my own making, I had quite literally pissed myself, as he was cumming on me.I watched as he stepped out of my piss, his bare feet had been ‘Golden Showered’, by yours truly, so in one way, I had got my own back, swapping our bodily fluids, I started to laugh, as crazy as it sounded, stress relief, someone once said, when I recalled the incident.He dressed quickly and I, now in my relaxed state of mind, observed him, he had a tight body, was good looking, ‘Why’, I asked him?He looked at me, his eyes were palest of blue, captivating and deep, his cock was long and thick, longer than my husbands, well shaped and uncut, a girls cock, like the ones I look at on the net.’I see you every day on this commute’, he whispered, as he pulled his sweater over his head, ‘and I jack off thinking about you’, he continued, suddenly slowing down his dressing.’I’m married’, I said hatay escort bayan and I was sure he could see my gaze kept dropping back down the he monster between his legs. He must have took my acceptance through my quiet demeanour, as an offer, he gathered me in his arms and pulled me closer, lifted my dress high enough to gather my bum cheeks in his hands, and press his hardening cock against my swelling Labia.I turned from him and leant on the small steel washbasin, feeling him penetrate all the way inside until his pubic bush rubbed against the soft pillowy cheeks of my ass, now this is what a girl likes first thing in the morning, ran through my fevered brow, I was gasping like a sow in heat, my husbands cock did not make me feel like this.This was a****l sex, I grunted with a complete stranger who admitted I was his inspiration for a wank, and now he was physically bare-backing and moving around inside my vagina, listening to my sweet repetitive dulcet overtones of, ‘Fuck me’, what a few minutes can make.In case you might be wondering why, well like a lot of girls, we go through these big ‘R’ fantasies, and when it does happen, we know instinctively what we must do, —–finish it.

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