Happy Birthday Audrey

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Happy Birthday AudreyThis happened about 27 years ago. I’d been visiting Grandma with a mate of mine, Steve, and was walking back towards his house when we bumped into Audrey. She welcomed me and said tomorrow was her 70th birthday and did I fancy a drink at her house which was right next to where we were talking, as she went inside she left the door ajar.Steve looked at me and smiled “Is this the old bird you shagged a few years ago” “Yes and she’s horny as fuck” as we made our way inside. She motioned for us to sit down, she had a three piece sofa so I sat on one end with Steve on the other. She came in with a couple of beers and she had a drink in a glass, she sat in a chair facing us. She was wearing a black skirt and a white top.As we all made small talk, after she’d drunk her drink she went into the kitchen and came back with another glass full, she sat between us saying “I’ll sit here a rose between two thorns” as she laughed. After a few minutes I placed my arm across the back of the sofa as Steve made eye contact with me and smiled, my arm slipped onto Audrey’s shoulders.She turned to face me and I kissed her, her tongue soon slipped in my mouth as we snogged like teenagers on a first date. After only a few minutes I moved down to her neck and Steve turned her to face him, she kissed him the same. As I watched I noticed güvenilir bahis she had her arms by her side, then she and Steve broke apart and I kissed her again.As we were kissing I moved my hand down and fondled her breast I could feel her nipples hardening up, after a few more minutes I said “Lift your arms up” as she did I took her top off over her head. Steve unclipped her bra and her tits drooped down, Steve was quick to feel them from behind as I was to roll her nipples from the front.She laid back as I bent down and sucked one nipple as Steve felt the other. I was hard as a rock and glanced across at Steve who with his eyes told me he was too. I leaned across and whispered in Audrey’s ear “Feel Steve”, she turned and faced him her hand gently rubbing the front of his pants, as I caressed her nipples.Steve stood up and took his pants off, his erection clearly visible in his boxers, sitting back down again Audrey flicked her hand over his crotch, then moved in for a full stroke. I began to pull her skirt up and soon it was around her waist, again she had knee length stockings on. Steve pulled down his shorts as Audrey’s hand clenched around his shaft.I stood up and stripped off, sitting back down again I brought my hand up the inside of Audrey’s thigh and was soon touching the top, my finger moved slowly over her türkçe bahis gash through her knickers, she moaned. Steve said “Suck me” as Audrey put her lips over Steve’s bellend he sighed. As I rubbed away she was very moist and it didn’t take long for her to be moaning.I pulled her onto her back as I got off the sofa, Steve knelt at her side as he slipped his cock into her mouth, I spread her chunky thighs then went down and licked her over her knickers, she was groaning, as I continued to lick her clitoris, pulling her knickers to one side I licked her to a massive climax as she grunted and not squirted but leaked.As she caught her breath I pulled her up as Steve and I changed places, he turned her onto her knees and spread her thighs, pulling her knickers to one side he inched his 7” into her from behind, she gasped. Audrey had hold of my cock and was wanking me as she licked me every now and then. Steve was shagging her at speed and I said “Slow down Steve” to which he did.Five minutes or so had elapsed and I said “Take her form below” we stood Audrey up and Steve laid on the sofa, Audrey climbed on top and she moved herself up and down his pole, her droopy tits swinging in his face, he grabbed them and licked her. As I watched with my cock in my hand it was an awesome sight.Taking my hard on in my hand I teased Audrey’s ass, güvenilir bahis siteleri she groaned again and said “No don’t” Steve knew what I was going to do and replied “She’s too dry mate” I agreed and lifting Audrey off we changed positions, seconds later she was easing herself down on my 6” as she moaned once more. Then the inevitable happened, Steve’s cock was wet with Audrey’s cream and he nudged her ass.As she was bouncing on my cock Steve was inching his way up her ass, she screamed “No Please Don’t” but it was too late Steve was all the way up her as he fucked her ass as I fucked her cunt. I knew I was close as I’m sure so was Steve as we shagged, then suddenly without any warning Audrey cried out, a climax ripped through her pussy or her ass, she screamed and moaned.Steve pulled out and moved quickly to where Audrey was facing and teased her mouth with his cock, as she opened it he was fucking her mouth, she gagged as he moaned and then shot his seed down her throat, she didn’t have a choice but to swallow as it came so fast. The sight tipped me over the edge and my spunk was shooting inside her cunt.After we’d all finished Audrey got off me and my spunk was running down her leg and congregating in her gusset, she rushed off upstairs while we got dressed. Appearing ten minutes later she looked a little embarrassed as both Steve and I wished her a happy birthday as we left.I later found out from Grandma that Audrey died after being knocked down outside her house some month later, which was a shame because for 70 she was a fucking great shag.

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