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Lesley part 35Kevin thought he heard the noise of a door closing, but was too engrossed, watching his unprotected cock disappear into Lesley’s backside to care. He’d had anal sex before….just once…..and it had been a disaster. This time, the experience was mind blowing. This Lesley, while not being n oil painting was by a million miles the best fuck, he had ever had….and he’d been here less than an hour! While attempting to enter his first anal partner, she had screamed so loud she woke a neighbour who nearly rang the police. It didn’t go much further. Of course, attempting to go in dry, had been much of the problem. Her not keen on doing it in the first place, the rest. He’d been a lot younger then, and the experience had put him off all together. Until now. When he’d put his hard bellend to her entrance he noticed the gleam of oil on the puckered hole. She’d prepared. She wanted…and expected….this. He’d better start delivering! Again, like when he ate her, she gave instruction and offered encouragement…she was so different a lover to all he’d had. “Take it nice and slowly, big boy….that cock is my perfect size for going in there. Don’t disappoint. If you feel it’s to tight, pull out and I’ll oil you up….should be ok though. You ok?” “Yyyes. Think so…haha.” He managed to say. “Your doing just fine…once your in, properly, slap me anywhere you want, except my face. I love a bit of pain. Heehee. Bet you’ve never met anyone like me…eh Kevin?” “Too true! Feel, a bit useless…all ham fisted” “You can fist me later…” She said through gritted teeth as he pushed a little too hard, her comment coming out more guttural than intended. “Oh…sorry.”It’s ok….nearly all in….pull out, and take little thrusts…won’t hurt as much then. Once your all in, you can pound me as hard as you want”Kevin was in awe of this woman. He knew he was in for a hard and long couple of days or so, and the prospect both excited and scared the fuck out of him. This woman was way out of his sexual league, but he knew if he held on, he would be the better for it. He looked down, and realised he’d followed her instruction, without thinking, and was now balls deep in her oily anal passage and she was mewing like a contented cat. He also noticed the curve in her back as she pushed back and initiated the pace of how hard she wanted to be fucked. It wasn’t friendly. She liked it hard…and fast. They found a pace. Kevin stuck to it. He felt good. After a few minutes he could feel how she was milking his cock….tightening her sphincter muscle….then relaxing….it felt amazing. She was amazing. With hands on hips, he increased the pace, and she responded with a long low moan. He reached under, and grabbed a handful each of her small tits and squeezed hard….making her nipples even harder….”yes….yes”, escaped her lips. He saw the sweat appearing all over her body, and he ran his tongue up the lipength of her neck, then opened his mouth and clamped down hard on her skin, biting the flesh hard, giving her a bite mark she would have for days. Her neck, pushing back at him, told him she didn’t care. The harder he bit, the harder her nipples got. She was cumming in a continuous motion of pleasure, and she egged him on harder. “Lesley…..fuck…I’m cumming…..””Good….ya bastard…..fuck me fucking harder……hard as you can….come on. Slap my fucking arse…….that’s it….fill my arse….ugh…ugh….” Blow after blow, reigned down on Lesley’s arse cheeks as Kevin slammed her, by now, well used fuck hole. His eyes were tight shut as he slammed in hard, then held her hips in a vice like grip, releasing his second deposit of ejaculate into her ever demanding body. He immediately sagged over her collapsing with instant exhaustion. “That was good…big boy. Enjoy?” “Can’t speak” was all he could whisper as his cock slipped out of arse with a ‘plop’, and he slid off her sweaty body and lay on the floor. “Haha…the youth of today.” She chided, stroking his face as he recovered. “I’ve died and gone to heaven” “Don’t you fucking dare die yet….we’ve only just started” she teased…bringing one eye open on Kevin’s face and a smile spread wide with amusement. “Can I recover…before you finish me off….””I’ll….think about it. Till then, why don’t we take some bottles of beer up to bed and get comfortable….unless you want a shower…or….bloody hell….have you eaten?…. So sorry…was so desperate for your dick I …..I’m so bad…..are you hungry?” She said with such an embarrassed look, he nearly burst out laughing. “Haha….well, as it is I’m fucking starving. Haha. If you could see your face..it’s a picture. Yes….I’d love a bacon sarnie…or two. And another beer. Come on. …I’ll give you a hand…I’m good in the kitchen…promise.” “Come on then. I’m impressed. A man whose good in the kitchen….never had one of those before. Haha”. Fifteen minutes later, Lesley was bent at the waist, over the kitchen table, getting her third taste of Kevin’s hot cum squirting into, the last of her welcoming slut holes. The younger man, who not so long go was needing instruction, didn’t seem to need it anymore. She smiled at him, feeling cum running gümüşhane escort down her leg…from two holes….”come on lover….lets eat..then rest awhile. Plenty time for more…” She cupped his balls and slimy cock….”maybe a shower…or are you ok””Na….I’m good. Bit of filth never hurt ya” he said, as she slipped to her knees and took his limp cock in her mouth and cleaned all her recent secretions off it…”gulp….fucking hell Lesley….your a walking living mans wet fucking dream….””Oh…..I haven’t started yet…heehee”The couple left the kitchen, Kevin carrying the tray of food and bottles of beer. Neither of them noticed, a bag of clothes, lying on the kitchen floor, next to the washing machine. Lesley should have, because it wasn’t there when she had got in from work. If she had, she would have seen it was a bag of her boys sports clothes, and she would have then realised that it had been placed there after she’d returned from work. By her dad. Who she hadn’t seen….then all the pieces would have fallen in to place as to what he would have seen. But…she didn’t see the bag. So, was unaware…as too what Geordie Ridley was at that moment reliving, while stroking his second erection, of the evening. But crying. OooooAt 7am, Kevin climbed into his truck and logged in to his inbuilt vehicle tracking system. He was supposed to be still in Edinburgh so was in effect available for work, from that location. He checked his messages and was relieved to see no work requests were their. From 9am he was on a rest day, and….as planned…he was going to ‘rest’. This day of ‘rest’, he knew, would leave him needing another one. He smiled. Thinking back. He reckoned if he’d had two hours sleep, he’d be k**ding himself. She was an a****l. A tigress…he reckoned. Unsatiable. Definitely. Back in the house, he went to put the kettle on, but on the way kicked a bag, lying on the floor. He picked it up and put it in the corner, never wondering why it was there. Not his problem. He got a knife from a drawer and cut a tablet in half. He’d thought of taking the full one but decided to keep half for later. He’d need it. If last night was a bench mark. Anyway. “Morning sexy” he said as he walked in, placing the cups on her dressing table. “Tea!” “Thank you lover…your kind….and…good in the kitchen. Heehee.” She watched him as he dropped his trousers and climbed into bed, giving her a big tongue mashing kiss. His hand on her neck made her wince as she recalled the love bite he had marked her with last night. “Fuck…I’m to old for love bites” she giggled. “Don’t you worry…what you did last night would make a porn star blush….haha””Hey you….I’ve got feelings!” She joked, whacking him with a pillow. “Haha””I just….like sex. That’s all””Like it…..fucking hell lass, your fucking insatiable….look…” He said pointing at her blood engorged nipples. “I’ll bet ya flange is dripping”, then dragged the duvet back and forced her legs open, exposing her ready and waiting pussy. It was wet. “See….fucking soaking….haha, ya a fucking nympho. Haha””So?” She said, getting annoyed with him….”if you can’t keep up…..”, then she smiled, as he continued to giggle. “Drink ya tea, then I’ll let you give me a good suck!” “Oh that’s kind of you….I’m your slave now, am I?” “Well, that sounds like fun. Geordie milf attending to the dominant male manchurian. Sounds right!” The feeling of his dick being squeezed, extremely tightly, nearly brought tears to his eyes. “Fuck….sorrrry. Ooh….stop…fuck””Dominant male?” “Ok ok haha…your the dominant….fuck, that was sore…haha””Drink ya tea. Wimp. Haha. Just coz ya did me 5 times doesn’t make you a man! You’ve a busy day in front of you so enjoy this lie down. I’ve got to phone work…back in a minute.”She walked towards the door and he admired her shapely arse as it bounced and shook sexily, as she walked. For an old bird, he admired her body immensely. Small tits, but nice. He looked forward to what she had planned….with just a little trepidation. It was good being with someone who led, in the bedroom. He wasn’t used too that. At all. He lay back and closed his eyes. Within seconds he’d dropped off. Downstairs Lesley was on her mobile, phoning in sick. Sylvia knew she was going to, as Lesley had told her about her planned liaison, and had organised cover for her, in preparation. “Yes Sylvia, I’ve got a very sore throat””Yes Lesley, and I’ll bet your arse and pussy hurt as well! Haha….have fun ya dirty lucky bitch” and that was that! She was just about to put the phone down when it rang again. Mcpeevie. “Hi Al….you having fun?” “At the airport. Fly at 11, tonight. Needing a good fuck….Mary’s been a right cunt…she sez, I’m fucking pining for your pussy, not hers. Been a right twat of a holiday. Wid rather bin nailing you and Sylvia’s arses, I can tell ya. I’m back in the morning, to Glasgow. Getting the train next day. Hope you’ve been a gid gurl, while I’ve been away. No strange cock!” “Me?…. I’ve had two gangbangs and fucked a stray dog in two days” she said as seriously as she could. “Lucky fucking dog, I say” he quipped. “I’ll see you on Monday then”. “Yes…on escort gümüşhane my desk, with ya legs roond me neck as I eat that sweet pussy of yours….oooh a canna wait” “I’ll keep it warm for you’ she smiled without adding ‘and full’ “see you Monday, lover….bye bye”. It was then she saw the bag. Opening it, she recognised the golfing gear the boys had worn yesterday when they’d left with grandad. How, and when did that bag appear. That was the question. A question she couldn’t answer. Was it there when she got back last night? Must have been. Dad must have dropped it off, early evening, before she finished work. Must have. She didn’t know the correct answer, and was too, into the moment, to think of the ramifications of any other scenario. Just as well. She had a quick tidy up, picking her underwear and basque up off the floor, and putting them in the lads sports bag, ready for washing. When she stood up, she got a whiff of her body odour, and all she could smell was sex. Stale pussy and cum smells hit her nasal passage with a reminding force. She needs a shower. Still naked, she climbed the stairs, checking on her new boy toy, but seeing him sound asleep, left him and entered the shower, while sitting on the loo and having a pee. Ten minutes later, she felt clean again, but was still very very tired. She lay down, on top of the bed, resisting the impulse to stimulate Kevin’s exposed flaccid cock. She’d get plenty of that later and she let him sleep. For now. An hour later, the sleeping couple failed to hear the creak on the stairs as Geordie, walked past their bedroom door, checking for signs of life as he went. He entered the boys bedroom, gathered some clothes supplies and computer games, on his list, then crept back along the hallway, stopping and ogling the sleeping couple. Lesley was lying on her back, with a hand covering her pussy. He could see a bite mark on the side of her lolling head, and her nipples looked bruised and savaged. The young man, next to her was snoring steadily, and looked contented. He wondered if he’d paid her yet, for her services, or if he’d bought her for the day. Such was the conclusion he had come too, regarding the sexual state of his slut daughters sex life. He left as he felt his cock thickening. He didn’t want another accident, as had had happened last evening. That had shocked and embarrassed him. As he walked by the bag of clothes, he noticed the black basque, sitting on top of the lads clothes. When he moved the garment, he saw the black thong. Two minutes later, he was driving down the street, his daughters knickers lying on the car seat next to him. Ooooo”Morning Ernie””Oh…hello Sylvia””Ok?” “Yes thankyou””Oh…that’s it….nothing else?” “I’ve been warned””I don’t understand” she lied. She wanted him to squirm. “You told Lesley. She’s warned me. I might get arrested. I’m saying fuck all””Well….bout time too. How will you manage?” She was enjoying his apparent discomfort. “Humph””Well, made my day, this has. Keep it up. Go Lesley….I say. Haha””Hope you get a Father’s Day card next year!” She pushed, trying not to smile. “Funny cunt…oh sorry…didn’t mean that.””Haha…..it’ll take time. Don’t worry. Haha. bloody hell..who’d have thought…..””Bitch!” He said…but under his breath, not pushing his luck to much. At the door she stopped and wiggled her arse at him. He growled an unheard expletive under his breath, as the door closed too the sound of laughter. Ernie, was not amused. OooooKevin awoke to the smell of a frying pan, cooking sausage and eggs. He pulled his underpants on and walked downstairs, forgetting he’d taken half a viagra, and his cock was thickening as he got closer to the kitchen. By the time he cupped Lesley’s breasts, through her gown, his cock was tenting his pants, and pushing them into her fuckable arse. “Oooh that’s nice” she said, pushing her hand back, and stroking the bulging cock. “Yip…it’s all yours. What’s on today?…. Where you gonna assault me today?””Eat this, and I’ll make it go down, in the shower…I’m clean, and you smell” she answered smiling. “I’ll give you a shower, only a Geordie girl, could….haha. Just be careful and not expect all this treatment when you go home…your Kelly, might not be as….accommodating. Haha””Too fucking true….I’m lucky if I get a blow job on my birthday….she’ll have to go…haha. There’ll be a vacancy if ya fancy?””What…as your cleaner, and personal slut?” “Well.yea…you could cook too” “Oh goody…then in a few years me and your mum could draw our pensions together….not that you’d be there…I’d have killed you with sex by then….haha” “That’s the fucking truth….bloody hell….where’d ya learn all that!” “Haha….I could tell ya but I’d have to kill ya””Haha ya doing that anyway.” He slipped his hand between her legs and played with her clit ring, sliding a finger easily into her juicy pussy. “Oh god….that’s fucking so good!” “Hey hey….sausage is ready” “Yes..I know” she said, squeezing his hard cock before pulling away from him, and putting his breakfast on a plate. “Eat!” She instructed, putting the plate on the table. As soon as he sat down, she crawled under the table and gümüşhane escort bayan pulled his hard dick out of his pants, gave him a long slow blowjob, as Kevin groaned his was through eating his sausage and eggs. A very memorable meal for the 34 year old truck driver from Manchester. One he wouldn’t forget. OooooAfter showering together the couple decided to go out for awhile. Lesley could quite happily have let Kevin have her any way he wanted, for the rest of the day, but the magic pill he’d taken, earlier was not that magic. Which was a shame. They caught a bus in to town, so that if they fancied a drink they could have one without any worry. On the bus, she teased him relentlessly. Rubbing his crotch, and whispering in his ear what she’d like him to do with her. She told him little snippets, of her recent sex life, concentrating her words around the extreme sex she loved and needed. She told him about the stag party she had gangbanged, and by the time they exited the bus he was frantic to find somewhere to have her. She ran away from him, laughing, making him even more determined. And frustrated. “I need to find a cash point!” He shouted after her “It’s ok…I’ll do you for nothing!” She laughed. Just as well Geordie was ten miles away and didn’t here her comment. “Just as well….couldn’t afford ya!” People in close proximity gave the couple strange looks, but continued walking. “Very very true…..come on. Theirs a bank over there!” “Ok”Wallet replenished, he caught up with her, grabbing her bottom, through the short summer dress. “You’ve no knickers on ya dirty mare””Sright easy access…if ya can get it up that is…your worn out””I’ll cope….don’t you worry””Good” she said as they walked into John Lewis’s and nearly knocked Rob off his feet. “What the…..Lesley….well, how, are you. Long time no see….””Rob…oh…hi. This is er…Kevin. Kevin, this Rob”They shook hands, Kevin not twigging that this Rob was the Rob, Lesley had been whispering into her ear about when she was teasing him on the bus Introductions made, Rob invited them for a coffee, to which Kevin accepted before Lesley could decline. Robs mind saw £ signs floating in front of him if he managed to play this correctly. “There’s a bar…over there. He pointed. They’ll do coffees….come on. My treat”Inside, a waitress directed them to a secluded corner of the dimly lit room. It was neither a proper bar, or a proper restaurant. Lesley couldn’t decide what it was. What she knew it wasn’t…was a place she wanted to be right now. She wanted, was to be with Kevin and him alone. No outside influences. Like Rob. He’d helped her immensely recently, but right at this time, she didn’t need him and any agenda he had, to spoil it. And she suspected he would. “Erm….we’ll have a bottle of house white, please” he asked the waitress, handing her the drinks menu back. “What happened to coffee?” She asked him suspiciously. “Oh come on….lets have some fun…it’s Friday….weekend starts here. What do ya say…Keith?” “Er….Kevin….it’s Kevin…” He answered, smiling. “Oh….my bad…sorry. “”Well, why not, eh Lesley. A few won’t hurt. Will it.””Ok…if you think so””Come on Lesley….I know you like a drink…. Haha, a white whine, loosens your inhibitions….we both know that. Haha”Lesley felt her cheeks tingle at the statement….true as it was…..cut her a little. He shouldn’t have said that, but she let it go. Forty minutes later, and a second bottle, was placed in the ice bucket at their table. Lesley was the main topic of conversation, and the 15% proof wine, which Lesley had drunk the most of, was making her giggle, as the compliments got more risqué. Her initial fears, both confirmed and then forgotten, in a very short space of time. “Oh yes…Kevin…see got it right, that time, haha….Lesley’s my nurse…saved my life this girl did….came in every day, and poor girl had to bed bath me…didn’t you Lesley….every day…without fail. Haha…..””Lucky man Rob…..bet she’s a hot little number in her nurses uniform, eh?” “Oh hell, yes, she was…made my day I can tell you, Kevin lad. Weren’t you girl? Eh….my own florence nightingale. Made an old man very happy…haha””Bet she did……hold on….”, he said, turning to Lesley…..is this…the same Rob, as you were talking about…on the bus?” His eyes wide with realisation. “Oh….god””Has she been telling you about me….Kevin?…. Has she?” “Mmmm maybe. Maybe she has, yes” “Lesley?” “Oh dear…ok Kevin. Yes. Rob and I have…well, you know.” The wine masked her feeling of dread as she took a large swallow from her newly filled glass. “Lesley…don’t worry. Kevin and I will look after you….won’t we Kevin, old boy?” “Sure Rob….don’t worry Lesley, your in good hands” Lesley wasn’t worried. Inwardly terrified maybe, quivering with sexual trepidation, maybe. But ‘Worried’ wasn’t a word strong enough, to explain to Kevin what was possible to happen this ordinary ‘Friday’. By the time Saturday arrived, Kevin would realise, he was so far, out of his depth, he would have to think twice before heading north on the M6, or M62, bound for Newcastle. What he would be, unbeknown to him, would be an overnight star on a dubious pay per view web site, and the spoils, unfortunately, would not be travelling south with him when he eventually dragged his exhausted body out of his current drinking partners bed. He wouldn’t be the first to be an unknowing star. Or the last!

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