New Beginnings Chapter 1

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New Beginnings Chapter 1It’s fair to say, I was a nervous wreck. I had long since dabbled with idea of swinging by joining internet sites and having sexy chats, uploading photos and playing on cam but to actually go to a club for the first time well that was a different story.I sat in the bar opposite the club having a few for luck or dutch courage. The bar was not that busy with a few guys at the bar, some others playing pool and two couples sitting at a booth having dinner. I watched the club entrance for what felt like hours to see who was going in and to my surprise and little to my disappointment it did appear to be lots of men. I could not help but wonder what I was letting myself in for and indeed if I go through with it at all. I was beginning to give up when I saw a couple approaching the entrance. He was just another guy in the sea of cocks that had already entered but she was a good looking brunette with a pleasant face, leather coat and fuck me boots. I was a little more heartened and I decided to continue my steak out. It was a while before anyone else showed up but again it was another couple. This time she was not my cup of tea but I was delighted that another woman had entered the building. However doubt still clouded my mind. I would just be adding to that sea of cocks. It was then that I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was one of the guys from the booth. He introduced himself as Dan and he said that he and his party had noticed me watching the club. It was at this point that he said that much to their amusement they had gotten good at spotting newbies. Dan asked if I would like to join their table and that they would talk me through the ins and outs of the club and if I was still feeling a bit nervous I could go in with them. At the table along with Dan was Jack, Petra and Hannah. The girls as you would expect grabbed my attention immediately. What I could not appreciate at the time of first seeing them in the bar was just how ödemiş escort attractive they were and how much they were dressed to impress. It’s fair to say that under their outfits were killer bodies. Petra had long red hair and was dressed as the little mermaid. Tight green leather trousers showing off her tight arse with her toned stomach and pert breasts being shown off to full affect in the purple bikini top. Hannah being of fuller figure had gone the slutty doctor route. Just a white coat lab coat half buttoned up showing of her heaving breasts in a her lacy pink bra. I could not see but I could tell it was just panties under that coat and nothing else as her shapely legs seemed to on forever. With her black hair tied up in a cute ponytail and sexy glasses, she had me in the palm of her hand.I explained to my new friends that I was a little concerned with the ratio of men to women. Jack said that he understood my fears but not to worry as things were not as bad as it looked. I was definitely in. If only to see these two lovelies some more and oddly continue my new bromance with Dan and Jack. To my surprise rather than going over to the entrance. We walked down the road and behind the building. Dan then explained to me that we were going to the real entrance and not the one used to get the “paying public” or drunk lads as they were better known through the door. The girls explained to me that playing did not usually really get going until later in the evening by which time the lads had mostly gone after getting bored and thinking that they had wasted their money. When we got in we were greeted by an amazon. She must have been six foot two with the build to match. This was our host and her name was Bonnie. After some pleasantries Bonnie gave me the quick tour of the club and going over the rules. The first room we approached was a private room. Bonnie let it be known that if this door was closed then you could knock but you could not ödemiş escort bayan enter unless invited. I was presented with the open room which as it name suggests was open to everyone. After seeing a few more private rooms we went into the spa. It was here that Bonnie told me that I could undress to my underwear or a towel. I opted for my underwear at this stage. As I made my way back upstairs eager to find my friends I could not help but notice the startling array of women, all different shapes and sizes but all oozing sex appeal. One girl with long fair hair hair tied back in ponytail with a slender body has dancing suggestively on a table. She slowly released her small breasts from her little red number. Although small her breasts were wonderful with such suckable nipples. She was entrancing. She bent over and began to peel of her panties exposing a firm little ass and shapely legs. She moved to the beat of the music in such a way you could just about imagine that she was experiencing the best fuck she had ever had.When I finally caught up with my friends they too were down to their underwear. Petra was now in green bikini bottoms and Hannah was out of her lab coat and looking even more fuckable with her hair up and glasses on. They told me that they were going to a private room. I was so disappointed to watch them leave only for Petra to look back and ask if was coming. I think I beat them to the room! This was my initiation they informed me. I could look but not touch. I was quite delighted with this arrangement.As the guys made themselves comfy cocks in hand, stroking slowly, the girls got to work. Tenderly kissing each other, exploring each other lips and necks, embracing each other and rubbing their hands down one another’s back and breasts. The guys along with me were rock solid by now. The girls faced their men and began to remove their clothes, What a sight. Petra with her tight ass, and pert breasts which were now covered escort ödemiş by a little with her long red hair and Hannah with her juicy arse and breasts that could accommodate quite a few cocks between them. They both got their knees in front of their men, taking their cocks in hand and slowly beginning to lick and suck like they they had got the most wonderful lolly pop. My cock was bursting at my boxers, I had to release it. I sat their with my rock hard cock, I dare not touch it. I didn’t want this experience to end with my cumming too soon. The girls pushed their men to the bed and mounted their faces, tongues darting in and around their pussies, the girls moaned with pleasure. Synchronized they turned around to face me and went down 69 on their mens cocks never taking their eyes from me. Hannah sat back up grinding her mans face. I want to see you touch yourself for me she purred. I had to obey. I stroked my balls with one hand whilst gently stroking my bulging cock with the other. Hannah prompted Petra and they both moved astride their mens cocks. They took their lengths into their soaking pussies and began to rock and bounce, Hannah’s breasts bouncing up and down like they had a life of their own. Petra began to move a little faster her perfectly toned body quivering in excitement. Watching you wank over me is making me cum she told me as she let out an almighty scream. As the time passed I could feel myself almost there. I was not the only one. Dan let the world know that he was almost there. Hannah looked at me and winked. Do you want to cum too? I almost burst there and then as Hannah got up and came over to me. Petra began to take care of both guys, ushering them to the sides of her taking their cocks and gently stroking and sucking them in turn. Hannah knelt down at my side. I want to feel your hot spunk on my tits she said. I began to stroke faster, trying to take it all in, looking at Hannah, looking at her breasts, looking at Petra receive face fulls of hot spunk. That was it. I unloaded, covering those wonderful breasts with my hot thick juice, Hannah massaging the cum into her nipples. What an experience. Now we can set you free my new friends chuckled.

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