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NEW JOBSISSY’S NEW JOB Cara (formerly Carl) looked at what his wife Juno had laid out for him onthe bed. He shuddered at the sight of a tiny A-cup bra, bikini panties,and stockings, all with a leopard pattern. Worse, there was a hood withelastic around the neck and the face opening, that featured the samemotif. It also had two round ears on top. He sighed and ran his handsdown his slender body, which had been denuded of all hair months ago.The laser treatments Juno had gotten him assured that he would neveragain sprout what she called ‘ugly man hair’ anywhere below his eyebrows.And those eyebrows had been thinned and shaped to appear very feminine.He picked up the panties and stepped into them, pulling them up hissmooth legs and over his chastity tube, which contained his penis andmade it impossible for him to achieve an erection. He was so horny allthe time, especially because his wife liked to flaunt her sexy bodyaround the house. She had done some modeling before they were married,mainly tennis wear and bathing suits. He shook his head as he tucked hischastity device down and back, so it wouldn’t make a bulge. Then he gotinto the bra, blushing a bit even though he was alone. There was a hintof padding in it, so that he appeared to have tiny breasts. Then camethe silky stockings. In the months since his wife had started to turnhim into a sissy, he had gotten strangely attracted to the feel oflingerie. He didn’t want to respond erotically to wearing it butcouldn’t help himself.Last was the hood. He brushed back his collar-length blond hair(brunette originally, but Juno had invited a girlfriend over to dye itfor him) and put his head through the neck hole, pulling the snug hooddown and getting the opening centered around his features. It made himlook girly and silly and he hated it. But what could he do? His wifewas the breadwinner in the family, with a consulting business she hadbuilt in partnership with another go-getter. Some clever strategies anda few lucky breaks had turned it into a million dollar success story. Hewasn’t allowed to work, even though he insisted he was capable. Shedidn’t give him any money and he desperately wanted to have the self-esteem of earning enough to at least make small purchases, instead ofhaving her pull out cash or a credit card and make it obvious who had thefinancial power in their marriage.Carl went to the full length mirror mounted alongside his door. He wasrequired to always check himself in it before leaving his room. Afterstraightening the bra slightly he was satisfied. Reflected from behindhim were the pink and white dresser, vanity table, and scroll-back chair.He turned his head a bit and could see the matching canopied bed. Therewere pictures on the walls, in gaudy gold frames, of feminine forms inflashy outfits. His wife had pointed out that half of them were realwomen and the rest cross-dressers, but she wouldn’t tell him which werewhich. It disturbed him to look at them, even be turned on by them, andnot know if he was getting off on girls or guys.He stepped into a pair of jazzy shoes with two inch heels. Need Imention that they had that same eye-catching pattern on them? Giving hisleopard ears a last adjustment, he left the room and headed for the den,where he had been told to report. As he neared his destination he heardJuno speaking and another female responding. Carl hated it when she hadvisitors. Being seen in the shameful fashions she chose for him was thedepths of shame. He made sure to use a mincing walk, taking mini-stepsand putting one foot in front of the other, as he entered the room.Juno, in a short summer dress, was sitting at one end of the sofa. Atthe other end was a woman in a jacket and skirt suit, her dark hair wornshort. She looked up at Carl and smiled with a mix of amusement andinterest. Then she turned to Juno and nodded.The guest said, “I like what I’m seeing.””I think she’d be perfect for you, Marie,” Juno said with enthusiasm.”The way she always wants to get out and earn some money, and with herbeing too effete for any real men’s jobs, working at your club would bethe ideal fit for her. Let her show you how she can move.” She gaveCarl a serious look and told him, “Let’s go, Cara. This is what I’vebeen having you practice those dance moves for.” Juno picked up a remoteand started some exotic flute music playing. She told her husband,”Let’s go, darling. Unless you want Marie to see me spank you. On thebare. Until you cry.”With those threats, which he knew she would carry out, making him quiver,he moved to the center of the room. Finger cymbals began to chime fromthe speakers. He remembered learning steps to go with this piece. Atthe time he had thought she was making him perform as just one more wayto mortify him. Now, as he began to undulate sinuously, he understoodthat there was more involved. Carl took delicate steps, rolling hiships, at the same time running his hands over the front of his bra. Hehalf closed his eyes and licked his lips.”Naturally,” Juno said to Marie, “she’ll look even better when she hasher make-up on. I still do it for her sometimes, but she’s been handlingit often by herself. You elazığ escort should see how she looks with glitter on hercheeks. So exotic.”Hating that he had to do it, Carl turned his back to them and worked hisbottom, grinding it and even doing some slow motion twerking. It was solewd. And he wanted to holler out loud that he didn’t like any of this,that he was a man, but that wouldn’t carry much weight considering how helooked and was acting. He licked his fingertips and ran them over hisneatly formed eyebrows, before trailing his fingers down his neck. Mariesummoned him to her with a wave of her hand. He danced toward where shesat, his mind racing to try to figure out exactly what she would want tohire him for. When he was right in front of her, still moving like asnake, she reached out and felt between his legs. The presence of hischastity tube made her smile.”You know,” she told Juno. “I think she’d do fine. How about if I giveher a tryout?”Carl’s wife grinned. “That would be delightful. Would it be okay if Iwas there?””Sure. Though you might want to sit in the back. You might not fit intoo well with the rest of the audience.”Juno laughed. “That’d be okay. I have a couple of business calls tomake and some work to do on the computer, but I can take care of it allbefore… eight?””Eight would be good. We shouldn’t be crowded yet by then so she’ll havea chance to get used to the way we operate.”Slightly stunned, Carl danced for another half minute, until his wifesilenced the music and politely asked him to get them two bottles ofimported water. He went to the spacious kitchen — paid for by hiswife’s money — and got what she wanted. He set the bottles on a servingtray and took them back to the den, where the women were happilychatting. Carl offered the tray to each of them in turn and then bentforward at the waist to set it on the coffee table between them.”Hmm,” observed Marie, “looks like she has the skills for that part ofher job as well.”They spent another half hour talking about clothes and cars while Carlstood obediently off to one side, arms limp and hands joined, puttingtogether the pieces of information they had given. He didn’t like theconclusions it led him toward. After Marie left, giving him a pat on thebottom as she passed by, he was told to get out of his costume, changeinto one of his maid’s uniforms plus appropriate shoes (black with squaretoes and block heels), and do his usual housework. The uniform, like allof them she had gotten him, was embarrassingly brief, letting his pantiespeek out whenever he moved, and leaving his hairless chest partlyuncovered, enough so that his nipples kept peeking out.At six thirty, after he had served Juno a light but tasty meal and thenbeen allowed to eat her leftovers with the plate set on the floor, it wastime to get ready for his new employment. His wife had him strip nakedand put on an ankle length coat and a pair of red heels. They wentthrough the breezeway to the garage, with him acutely aware of beingunclothed under that single garment. As always, Juno drove. She had lethis license expire. He had to open the front of his coat and toy withhis nipples, as well as massage his balls and tug on his cock cage.Being unable to get hard was so uncomfortable. The windows of the longsleek car were tinted but he still felt highly uncomfortable performingthat way, even though it was for her eyes only. They drove for a halfhour and then she pulled into a long wide alley and stopped at a metaldoor painted vivid chartreuse.Juno got out and signaled for him to do the same. He exited reluctantlyand stood there feeling exposed, even though he was covered once more.His bride rang a bell and the door was opened by Marie herself. Theyentered and passed along a short corridor that led to a doorway fromwhich hung a beaded curtain.Marie gestured toward it and said, “That’s your dressing room, Cara. Theother girls will give you a hand and fill you in.” She chuckled andsaid, “With that pert ass of yours, a few of them might want to fill youliterally.”Juno took his coat and Marie gave him a slight push from behind. As hepassed through the beaded curtain, Carl felt like he was entering anotherworld. There were dressing tables along the walls and clothing rackseverywhere, along with plenty of mirrors. All around him stood and satmen who were very convincingly made to look like women. In fact, if ithadn’t been for several large cocks plainly in view, he might have beenfooled, like he was by some of those pictures in his room.”Look, ladies,” said a tall tranny. “It’s our new girl.”They crowded around, eyeing him with more interest than he wished, eventouching him. Curious hands fondled his chastity tube. A rude fingerprobed between his buttocks and someone said, in a high and effectedvoice, that he wasn’t plugged. Carl stood there shivering as the tallfigure introduced himself as Miss Missy and steered him toward a seat infront of a mirror.”How about if I take care of making your face pretty?” he said with hishand on Carl’s bare shoulder. “And I’m sure some of the others would bemore than happy to get you into your costume. More. Than. Happy.”Carl escort elazığ found his voice, though it was small and squeaky, enough to ask,”What place is this? I mean, is it some sort of club?””It’s THE club,” Missy assured him. “Marie’s Make-Over. Where the womenare all beautiful and they all have something extra between their legs.You’ll be waiting tables, but you’ll also be dancing. We were told thatyou have some good moves, which we’re all eager to see. And there’s evena special outfit waiting for you.”He was unsettled when he saw what he was expected to wear in front of aroomful of strangers. It was a thong and the tiniest possible sailorsuit, with a bare-midriff blouse and teeny tiny skirt, plus low whiteheels with blue trim. Missy set a pink sailor’s cap atop his head andtold him he would be a hit with the crowd. They got him dressed, withmultiple hands accidently-on-purpose stealing feels, put his hair into astiff wave, and went to work on his cosmetics, giving him a 40’sHollywood look. There were a few tips on how to move when it was histurn to dance, and then he was ushered back into the corridor and all theway to the entrance to the main room.Feeling like a nervous wreck, he peered out into the long narrow room,which rose slightly into several levels as it went back. The space wasdimly lit but not dark enough for him. He stepped out and was pointedtoward the bar, where he was given a quick explanation of how to takeorders, get them filled, and serve. It was pointed out that the tipscould be generous if he was… cooperative. With his knees quivering, hetook an order pad and walked girlishly between the nearest two tables.All of the customers were guys, masculine looking for the most part,although a few looked like dressers who were there to admire theclothing. The butch types had hungry eyes and, from the look of things,eager hands.Carl saw a guy in a business suit snapping his fingers. He went to himwhere he sat with three other men. The first one put his arm aroundCarl’s waist with instant familiarity. The next one over slid his handunder that miniskirt to rub his bottom. Carl froze but didn’t protest,too afraid of getting himself into trouble with Marie… and Juno. Theygave their orders, which he wrote down with a shaky hand, and he swishedoff to get them filled. When he returned they were ready for him, theother two also getting their fill of free feels. His thighs were strokedand his chastity was playfully handled. He took the money back to thebar where the bartender, and older guy in a sparkling gold dress andheavy make-up, accepted it and handed back several bills, explaining thatthat was Carl’s tip.The next several tables were similar, though with variations. Onecustomer, a rough guy in jeans and a black T-shirt, insisted that Carlsit on his lap for a minute. The unhappy waitress could feel animpressive bulge under this butt. Another wanted to chat a little,asking suggestive questions, to which Carl felt obligated to give flirtyanswers. There was one who wanted him to strike several pin-up typeposes, and rewarded each one with a dollar bill. Feeling dizzy, Carlkept it up the best he could. After the first hour he spotted his wifecoming through the doorway near the bar, accompanied by Marie. Severalcustomers spoke to the owner as she made her way to a table in theshadows near the back of the room.The bartender was checking his cellphone when Carl next returned. Hetold him, “Honey, there’s two ladies way back there who texted andrequested you personally. You’ll recognize them because they’re realwomen. No flash or trash,” he concluded with a touch of disappointment.With guys eyeing him as he passed, Carl went to Marie and Juno’s table.The owner of the club was explaining some of the business practices thatmade it thrive and let Carl stand and wait while she finished. Then shehad him kneel alongside them.”So,” she wanted to know. “How are you enjoying your first night at yournew job?”He meekly said that he was still learning, but that the tips were good.Carl opened the little bag that was on the belt of his skirt and showed ahandful of folded bills. Juno reached in and took them, smiling as shedid.”I got you the job, so I’m your agent. I’ll take my cut off the top and,if there’s any left over after that and expenses, you’ll get it.”Carl’s mouth fell open but he didn’t say a word. They gave him theirorder and he hurried off to fill it. By then more tables were occupiedthan not, and the bar was almost completely full. As the drinks werebeing made, music began to play. It was exotic Arabian Nights soundsand, from where he had entered after getting dressed, a figure appeared,slightly plump, in a harem girl costume, moving to the skirling horns andskittering drums, soft hips in perpetual motion. It was a guy, but witha padded top that gave the illusion of breasts large enough to match hischubby form. He had on plenty of black eye make-up and generous amountsof lip liner, lipstick, and lip gloss. He wore a Cleopatra wig wit agold diadem encircling it.As Carl returned to Marie and Juno, he kept glancing back uneasily at thedancer. Was he too expected elazığ escort bayan to perform like that? The ‘harem girl’ waspassing among the tables, receiving much touching and accompanying tips. Carl touched his empty tip bag and consoled himself that, at least ifdanced in addition to waitressing, he would go home with some money ofhis own. He served the club owner and his wife their drinks. Juno madea joke about not tipping him because she would only have to take it backlater. Marie told him to drop off his tray at the bar and positionhimself in doorway from which the current performer had appeared. He didas he was told but didn’t like it. When he was there the Far Easternmusic ended, the sissy dancer took a bow and got her ass slapped by thenearest patron, and then the bartender picked up a microphone. MissMissy appeared behind Carl and gave his upper arm a squeeze, telling himto ‘Knock them dead’.From the speakers came the bartender’s voice, saying, “Please welcome ournewest dancer, Cara, the little sailor girl who’s always ready to bunk upwith the right seaman.”There was a s**ttering of applause and then some nautical-type musicstarted. It began with the familiar Sailor’s Hornpipe and segued intosomething with a better beat. Twitching his hips and punching the airweakly, Carl stepping out of the doorway and danced toward the firsttables. Immediately there were dollar bills on display. Every one hewas given came along with a pinch or grab or tweak. He was goosed andbent over for a pair of playful spanks. Each time he slipped the tipsinto his bag and didn’t stop dancing. Not until he had circulatedthrough the entire room and returned to the front was his firstperformance over. Taking the previous dancer’s example he made a low bowwhich predictably got him one more ass groping. Feeling breathless hewalked unsteadily to the bar, where he was handed a small drink and hisserving tray. Carl sipped from the glass, which contained somethingsweet and fruity, then gulped down the rest and went to resume waiting ontables. His feet were getting sore and his legs felt the strain, but hewas determined to get through his entire shift, which turned out to be amere four hours, at least for his initial evening. By midnight he wasdone.Juno emptied his tip bag once more. She gave some to Marie for herself,more for the bartender, and then counted out the remainder and put itinto her own handbag while Carl watched wide-eyed and distressed. Hiswife told him, “After everything comes out you still owe me for a fewfees and expenses. You can make that up on your next shift, tomorrownight. But I don’t want you falling further and further into debt.Marie told me how we can prevent that.””Right,” the businesswoman offered. “There are some back rooms herewhere we offer special services. No actual sex but lap dances, fetishfun, and some bondage and spanking. I figure that with what Juno ischarging you for her services, and everything else that has to come outof your pay and tips, including costumes and such, if you do an hour inthe back rooms every shift you should…” She made a show of mentallycalculating. “… be able to break even. You won’t take any money home,but you won’t owe your wife any either, or not much.”He gaped at the women in disbelief. They smiled devilishly and shrugged,as if this situation was perfectly normal. Carl’s narrow shouldersslumped.Marie said, “Posture, dear. I wouldn’t want to have to fine you for lackof enthusiasm.” As an afterthought she added, “And once you get brokenin we’ll upgrade you to higher heels.”When he frowned his wife added, “And along with good posture let’s see aconstant smile, Cara. Or I’ll be charging you for private consultationson attitude, and I’ll have to use my firm’s rates, which are awfullyhigh. If that happens, we’re going to have to find even more ways foryou to earn money here, which might get… interesting.”He looked at her pleadingly and said, “But… I mean… It isn’tfair…”She held up a silencing hand. “I know. It isn’t fair that I should putout so much effort to get you this job and prepare you for it. Butthat’s just the kind of wife I am for my sissy husband. You wanted a joband now you have one. Several if we count those special services you’llbe offering from tomorrow on. No need to get all gushy with your thanks.I’m sure Marie will take good care of you and all the other sweetheartshere will be happy to teach you the tricks of the trade. And that you’llfind some way to thank them.””That will be easy,” Marie said. “They have a certain… fondness… forstraight guys who have been turned into sissies. Make friends with thegirls and they’ll come up with a special costume for you on FashionParade Night. Or maybe you’ll be the one to finally wear that ‘birdgirl’ outfit that they put together, that no one has been willing tomodel. I’m sure you could waddle around with your legs bent up and yourarms folded double into wing sheaths. And the beak-mask isn’t that hardto manage. The tail might be a difficult fit but with some lube it’ll goin just fine.”The women raised their glasses and toasted each other on their successfulbusiness arrangement. Carl could only stand there in his silly sailoruniform and press his smooth hairless thighs together as he wrung hissmall hands. He had wanted to go to work and now he was getting what hewanted. But not the way he had envisioned it.

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