ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #16

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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #16iCarly/Victorious: If Wishes Were Hornets #16 – Chapter 3As Freddie opened his eyes with a start, he had to squint against the bright light of morning, and took a deep breath. A dream, he thought. That’s all that was- I just imagined turning Jade and Sam into a total Jekyll and Hyde case. He felt over himself and found he couldn’t move one of his arms. He looked down at the wave of dark brown hair lying upon his chest and smiled, happy to be exactly where he was. Freddie turned his neck a bit to kiss her head, so thankful to be in her bed and holding her close.Just as he shifted a bit so he could hold her closer, she jerked awake, breathing deeply and looking around the room. Jade had to take a second to feel the situation out, knowing full well that what she felt was so much more intense than any dream she ever had before. Embarrassingly, she had to take a quick check between her legs to feel how soaked she had become from that dream. Once she realized exactly where she was and that everything was fine, she looked up at Freddie and smiled before pressing her face into his neck.”You have no idea what kind of nightmare I just had,” she whispered, nuzzling her nose against his jugular, nibbling softly.”I bet I could beat it…” he said, stroking her hair and pulling her closer. “Let’s just say, I won’t be wishing for anything ever again.”Freddie chuckled at his words, but Jade wasn’t laughing as she sat up and looked down at him. “I had a wish related dream, too… that’s crazy.”He could tell that she was upset, but just looking at how beautiful she was made Freddie smile. Even as she covered herself in a sheet, he could still see the outline of her perfect body. “Well, baby, it was just a dream. We’re both ok now, right?””Yeah…” she said, as if she was unsure before lying back down on Freddie, their bodies entwining as the birds chirped outside. “What was your dream about?””Ummm… just something stupid. Backfired pretty badly in my dream.””Then tell me about it,” she said, running her hands up and down his muscular chest, feeling nervous that he was being so dodgy.”Trust me, babe… it was nothing. What was your wish dream about?””If I tell you mine, you have to promise to tell me yours… deal?”Freddie sighed heavily, hoping her dream would let him off the hook. “Sure…””Ok then,” Jade sat up, “You know my favourite movie is the Scissoring, right?”Umm… yeah. Until you showed it to me that night, I seriously thought it was a porno…””Right… so I kinda wished that I could star in a remake of it. In my dream, I did, but the movie wasn’t a ‘remake’ remake. It was like a porno version of-“”I knew it!” he exclaimed. “The moment you said what you wish was, I was like ‘How can this get twisted?'””So anyway, I got tricked into the movie and had to leave you here for a while and be in a porno.””Oh…” he said, almost seeming hurt. “So… you… had sex with someone on camera? I’m not sure how I-“”It was just a dream, dude,” she retorted. “I thought I had no choice, so yeah… dream porno scene. It was just ending when I woke up… it felt so real.””Mine too…” he whispered. “If I tell you mine, you can’t get mad, ok?””I never agreed to that… so spit it out or I really will be.”Freddie took a deep breath and looked at his girlfriend, and knew he was wrong to wish what he did. “I made a wish that you and Sam were one person so I wouldn’t have to choose.””What?!” Jade exclaimed, backing from Freddie with a start, almost covering up the sound of someone saying the same thing from the other side of the bedroom’s door. If it weren’t for the shuffling of the feet beneath the door, the two of them probably wouldn’t have noticed. “Who’s there?!” Jade shouted out, bursting from bed, and tossing a robe over her lingerie-clad figure.When there was no answer, Jade flung open the door to reveal Sam in her usual sl*eping clothes, an oversized t-shirt and pyjama pants. “Sorry,” she muttered.”Why were you eavesdropping outside my door? It’s bad enough that I’ve got him dreaming about fucking you and now-“”Whoa… I actually was going downstairs and heard you guys talking. Had a really weird dream and I kinda needed to talk to Freddie about it, but I guess I picked a bad time…” Sam rarely looked vulnerable, but this was certainly one of those times as she glanced over at Freddie as if to ask if he really wished for what he did.”Whatever,” Jade said, grabbing a chair from the wall and setting it in the center of the room for Sam to sit on. “Since you’re so dead-set on interrupting us so you two can make sex eyes, you might as well be here where I can watch you.”Sam took the seat and looked at the two of them, no longer holding each other, Jade clearly disgusted with Freddie.”So, Freddie, where were we?” she asked, sardonically. “Oh that’s right… you were telling me that you’re kind of a pussy that can’t pick a girl even when you’re fast asl*ep next to the superior one.””Wait… Jade… look. I’m in a tough spot. For years, I’ve had this thing with Sam and I’ve always loved her and for the longest time, I was pretty sure that she’d be the girl I married.” He couldn’t help but notice Sam swoon, and he knew the ‘but’ coming was going to hurt. “But… then I met you Jade, and all that kinda went out the window. Then you hurt me, and I found myself with Sam again, then we tried to balance and that failed, and then I had no one… and then I was here with you. And I saw how hurt Sam was that we got back together and it kills me to know I am hurting someone I love. Just like it hurts me to know that my wish is hurting you. I made a cowardly call, unsure of what to do with all these feelings and I fully admit that.”There was silence for a few moments and then Sam broke the silence.”I wished for there to be two Freddie’s so I could have one too-“”Are you fucking serious?!” Jade screamed. “Am I the only one who didn’t have some secret relationship in their wish?!””Jade,” Freddie said, reaching to put his hand on her shoulder, which she shrugged off. “You’re the one who got fucked on camera by who knows what for your dream-“”That was different!” she shouted. “You wished to be with her and she wished to be with you. I just wished for a chance to be famous.””You still might. ‘Goth porn chick’ has a nice ring to it…” Sam joked, trying to be bitchy but also break the tension.”It was Stabitha, for your information.”The two teens stared at Jade for a few seconds, trying not to laugh at her, but after a while it couldn’t be helped and the two doubled over causing Jade, to smirk as well.”Fuck you both,” she said, still smiling. “Now, I’ve got to hear how those wishes bit you both in the ass. Freddie?””Well, you became this Jekyll and Hyde thing where you looked awful transforming and eventually, you both were so mad that you killed me.” Freddie knew he was fibbing a bit, but they’d never know.”Good… asshole.” Jade said before turning to Sam. “What about you?””Well, like, the two Freddie’s were like really messed up. One was violent and the other was a wuss and mine hurt me, and we were saved by your cowardly one, but then he turned out to be a killer and he killed everyone. It was a true nightmare.””I’m glad you both got what you deserved,” Jade said, matter-of-fact-ly.”You got boned by a stranger and abandoned your ‘love’, Jade. I don’t think you get to have the moral high ground here.””I hate you,” Jade seethed until she figured out how to annoy the headstrong blonde. The Goth slipped back into bed with Freddie and cuddled up with him while Sam’s face began to flush.”So…” Freddie said, sitting up, knowing that Jade was using him. “Did you just want to come and tell us about that dream, or-“”Actually, I just wanted to talk to you, Freddie. I just… I don’t get what you see in her or whatever, but I guess I just want you to be happy. And I’m sorry I got in the way of that.”Freddie tried to respond as Sam slowly started getting up, but Jade held him down, choosing to speak for him.”You don’t have to go. We’ve shared a bed before, Puckett… I guess you could hang out here for a while. I doubt you want to be alone after having that big bad dweam,” she said mockingly.Sam wanted to punch her in her face, but she honestly was too tempted to stick around. “Why the sudden change of heart?””I’m an unrepentant bitch and ‘maybe’ I took things too far trying to f*rce Freddie into being with me. Besides, you can’t exactly confide in the bookworm or the creepy k*d.”While Freddie and Jade sat up in the bed together, Sam sat on the edge of the bed and watched with both hope and fear as she looked into Freddie’s eyes praying he’d love her the way she loved him.* * *Carly was still trying to catch her breath as she sat up in bed. She hated nightmares that made you think they were over and then suddenly try and scare you again. The Sandman guy was bad enough, but being sucked into her bed was a thousand times worse. She knocked on the wall to get Sam but she wasn’t responding. She desperately needed to talk to someone, and she really wanted to get the hell out of this bed.The web star grabbed her phone and made sure she was dressed enough and then headed downstairs to see if anyone else was up. She could hear talking coming from jade’s room, and she really didn’t want to interrupt whatever was going down in there. She tried calling her br*ther, but there was no answer as he had apparently turned his phone off. She scrolled through the contacts hoping to find someone to talk to, and finally she found someone: Cat.Carly felt bad about the way she had shut down the little redhead at the party and ignored her. She knew Cat was really sensitive and Carly decided then and there to make up for the mistake. She worried it might be too early, but she was happily surprised when she picked up on the first ring.”Hello?” came the voice sounding a bit exhausted.”Cat, it’s Carly… I didn’t wake you up, did I?””Oh no…” there was silence for a few seconds. “I actually had a really bad dream where I was drowning and it was very sad, so I’m actually happy you called.””Same here actually… I just needed to talk to someone. And I feel really bad.””Why’s that?””Well,” Carly said, sighing, “I guess I’ve been a loner lately and I was a real bitch to you last night and I’m really sorry.””It’s ok. I had a dream I made everyone mad because I guess I want everyone to be happy. Maybe that’s too much to ask.””I don’t think so, Cat. You’re a naturally happy person and there’s nothing wrong with wanting people to feel that way too. You just need to relax and not worry.””I know, but it’s hard to not want to escape from all the negativity from my friends.””I know how you feel. I had to face my fears of being trapped in a storybook… that was a real nightmare.””Ooohh, that actually sounds cool. Living in a fairy tale and-“”No,” Carly said firmly. “It really wasn’t.”There was silence on the phone for a few moments until finally Cat perked up and spoke.”We should do lunch… maybe with everybody. I just want to hang out with people honestly.”The two girls talked about plans to do lunch for several moments before saying goodbye and attempting to discuss plans with their respective groups.* * *From upstairs, Gibby couldn’t help but eavesdrop on Carly’s call. His dream seemed way too real and as much as ripping a hole in reality sucked, he honestly feared that his friends had been keeping huge secrets from him. But nothing that Carly said or implied made him feel like anything was wrong, so that was a relief. He considered slinking over to Jade’s door and listening in, but he kinda knew that Freddie and the vampire chick were together. It wasn’t a huge leap to see those two doing… it. Gibby was awash in feelings, unsure where he stood and he feared he might forever be outside of the close friend circles that surrounded him.* * *Across town, Beck was tossing and turning. He couldn’t sl*ep after that dream. Try as he might, he couldn’t shake the images of the love of his life being violated. He wanted to punch that Freddie k*d so hard, but he knew it was just a dream and it wasn’t real. Beck knew Tori wouldn’t split from her hick boyfriend, and he didn’t have to worry about that guy since, according to Andre, Nate was still a virgin. Still, the idea of how vilified he was in the nightmare was upsetting enough even without the Tori sex thing.Beck sat up in bed and looked around the room, figuring that he might need to do something to distract himself from all this crap. Nothing really appealed to him and as much as he wanted to go back to sl*ep, he couldn’t stop thinking. Overthinking had always been his problem. Well, that and under-thinking, but those were the two.Grabbing his cell, Beck called the only friend he felt like he really had these days: Andre. Like Carly, he worried about calling so early, especially with how insane Andre’s grandmother was. After a few rings, Beck was about to hang up when Andre answered with a start.”Dude! I have got to tell you about this dream I had. I had like electricity powers and everyone else had cool powers too and you were like ice and stuff and-“”Whoa… Andre, slow down.””Yeah… sorry. It was just a cool dream until I realized everybody wanted to use the powers for not hero stuff… so I guess I made myself wake up.””Sounds like your dream was a thousand times better than mine. I dreamed I was a total asshole that everyone hated and then Jade and Tori hooked up with Freddie and sent me pics.””Wow…” Andre said, creating an eerie silence for a moment. “That’s some hard core chizz, man.””Seriously… but it kinda got me thinking. Am I bad guy?””You’re asking a guy who just had a kickass dream with superheroes and villains in it whether or not you’re a bad guy?””Yeah…””Then, I don’t really know how to answer that. You’ve always been a good guy and a good friend but you were a bad guy for Tori, and I know you’ve changed since then, but, yeah, I don’t know. I don’t think anyone, besides Jade who is just a ball of hate, hates you though. You made some mistakes and I think once you make up for them and prove you’re the guy you were a year ago, you’ll be fine.””Ok then… I appreciate it, man. How…” Beck was searching for the words, Andre’s thoughts still sinking in, “How exactly do I do that?””Man, you really got messed up by this dream… I don’t really know. Just be yourself, and be a friend to people who need it. Maybe giving Nate a chance-“”No… I don’t think so.””Huh… well, then I don’t really know. Maybe eventually everyone will forget about all that stuff.””So…” Beck said, holding the word for as long as he could, searching for a change of subject, “Ice powers, eh?””Yeah… it was pretty badass. Wait ’til I tell you about how insane everything was. Let’s grab lunch with everybody and maybe hang out afterward.”* * *A few miles away, the object of Beck’s affection sat up panting in absolute fear as she rapidly looked all over her room just to make sure this was real. The idea that everything you know and love is a lie is certainly a concept that shook the youngest Vega to her very core. Everything seemed to be completely normal, but Tori was still very hesitant to leave her bed. There was silence in the house, signalling that even the good part- her parents actually being around- was all just part of the elaborate dream.She listened out for Trina who seemed to be moaning and groaning. Tori had learned a long time ago not to go anywhere near her s*ster when she was making those kinds of noises, but the fear that her s*ster might actually be hurt was too strong and she flew from her bed to check on the noises.”You ok, Trina?” she said, knocking on the door.”Yes!” she shouted back in a hurry. “I mean… you can come in.” The bedroom door opened softly and closed behind Tori. “I guess I was just having a nightmare.””Tell me about it, I-“”Ok, so last night I made a wish that guys would be into me and then I had this dream where like the guys wouldn’t get off me and they were all over me and it was pretty bad.” Trina was getting out of bed and getting her stuff to head into the shower to clean up.”Oh my god,” Tori said, covering her mouth. “You were ****d in your dream, that’s aw-“”I wasn’t exactly unwilling… At least not at first. It escalated and I had three guys at once. Trust me when I say it gets insane really fast. Don’t ever screw three guys at the same time, Tori.””Thanks, Trina. I’ll… keep that in mind,” she said sardonically. “My dream was-“”I don’t really care, Tori. It was a nightmare. Get over it and grow up. We don’t have time to play dream doctor all day.” And with that, Trina disappeared into the bathroom, shutting the door in her s*ster’s face as she stood there.”Fine… If you’re in the shower, I’m gonna tell you anyway.””Ugh…” Tori could hear her s*ster’s groans from inside the shower.”I had a dream I was on a TV show based around me, and you and mom and dad and all our friends were all just actors and Cat was like psychotic.””So you had your own TV show and you called that a nightmare? You are so ungrateful sometimes. I’ll tell you what’s a nightmare – having your boyfriend’s giant dick in my ass.”Tori was going to continue describing the dream but Trina had just friend her brain. “What the hell are you talking about, Trina?””Tori, in my dream, that cowboy dude you’re with was like huge, and I really don’t want to know if that’s true, and he was all over me. Robbie and Beck were there too… it was seriously awful.””Yeah, Trina, I don’t really know… Nate and I haven’t really done anything. He’s kinda shy about it.””Oh my god! That was in my dream too… He’s a virgin. I felt so bad for him, but I guess whatever love spell power I had over him was too strong, and can you blame him-“”Trina… just stop… I really don’t want or need to know. I haven’t even thought about konak escort him… I guess I should call him.””Whatever, go with what you feel.”Tori headed back to her room to get her phone and saw that she had a text from him, but it was blank. She tried calling him, but it kept going straight to voicemail. Tori felt so bad for Nate and she really wanted to have him hold her, but she knew that she didn’t love him the way he needed. And she knew that eventually, she’d have to break his heart.* * *Tori had no idea that the big tough cowboy was already feeling a bit heartbroken at waking up to the harsh reality that he lived in. Knowing that he had somehow f*rced Tori to love him made him feel sick to his stomach, and the idea that he just gave up paradise for an answer was somehow ten times worse. He had tried texting her when he woke up but he couldn’t find the words, and just hit Send by accident. Great, he thought, now she’s going to really think I’m an idiot.Nate was on his way to the shower when his phone buzzed, and he lunged at it hoping it was Tori, but it was only Robbie. He considered not answering because Robbie sometimes was a little whiney, but he felt bad for the k*d so he picked up.”Hey Robbie, how goes it?””Oh good, you’re awake. I don’t really know why I called you, but I had this insane nightmare, and I guess I don’t know how to process it.””So, let me get this straight. You had a bad dream and you called me? I ain’t your momma, man…””No… it’s not like that. I guess I just wanted to get your thoughts. I kinda wished that Cat was into guys and she was… all the guys but me.”Nate scoffed, holding back a chuckle, “That’s some ol’ bullshit, Robbie. Guess I can sympathize… I kinda wished last night for Tori to love me back and I got it, but I just couldn’t accept it. Guess the idea that I f*rced her to feel that way drove me nuts.””Huh…” Robbie said, seemingly thinking back to something. “That kinda reminds me of this old Twilight Zone episode about this boxer and-“”I’ll be right honest with you, br*ther… I ain’t exactly up for any sci-fi talk right now. Kinda want to get myself a shower and get my head right.””Oh, yeah… sorry. Sorry, I guess, about the Tori thing.””Yeah man… you too. Guess ol’ pussycat is just-“”Nate, I will give you money not to finish that joke.””Groovy.”The stout teen hung up the phone and looked around his room, imagining Tori there with him. He knew he had a real problem and borderline obsession with her, but in this moment he couldn’t really shake it.* * *A couple hours, a few dozen texts, and several showers later, all the Hollywood Arts k*ds and the iCarly people were meeting for lunch, at Andre’s suggestion, at this new Mexican place, Taco Bueno. Though none of them had been there before, something seemed strangely familiar about the place to several of them.Carly and Cat became quickly inseparable once they got seated, sitting close by and talking like friends who hadn’t seen each other in years. Carly only left the perky redhead’s side when she took a call from Spencer who seemed pretty enamoured with this girl he met. Gibby sat next to Carly and Freddie sat on the other side of him, tightly seated next to Jade, who was practically in his lap. Sam sat next to them and looked super annoyed. She was distracted easily by the big guy seated next to her with a strong southern twang that Sam always found kinda sexy. But of course he had a gorgeous girlfriend, which was just Sam’s luck. Tori and Trina sat together separated from Andre and Beck by Robbie, who Trina honestly was starting to regain feelings for. The twelve person group took up quite a bit of room in the taco joint, but no one was particularly uncomfortable. At least, not physically.The magnetism between Carly and Cat was pretty obvious as the two giggled incessantly throughout the meal, and Carly unashamedly began stroking her leg against Cat’s. The girls locked eyes a few times as they physically pushed their limits, but no one at the table was any the wiser, except Gibby who was rapidly becoming frustrated at the love-fest on either side.Jade and Freddie were being one of those obnoxious couples and it only got worse when Jade started whispering things into his ear. As her secret words entered his ear, he couldn’t help but look over at Tori who, on the outside seemed to be her usual self, she clearly was looking a bit uncomfortable with everything. He felt no shame in eyeing the thin brunette as Jade stroked his ego just as much as she was stroking his arm.Normally, seeing Freddie and Jade being so cutesy would drive her up the wall, but she was feeling good for some reason, which her neighbour picked up on.”Those two always act like that?””Yeah… gets on my damn nerves,” she replied back.”Tell me about it. I can’t stand that PDA stuff. Ain’t romantic or nothin’. Just awkward. Makes me wish this place sold beer.””You and me both, dude,” Sam laughed, and offered her glass of soda as if she was toasting.Nate met her and the glasses clinked while they laughed. Tori took notice of their exchange and tried to get in on it, but the moment was gone.”So…” she said trying to avoid the awkwardness of her boyfriend and Sam sharing a moment, “How long are you guys staying for?””Just another day or so,” Freddie chimed in. “My mom really wants me home for Christmas, so we will have to leave way too soon.””Oh ok… well, you guys have to come down again. This was a lot of fun and stuff.”The iCarly gang, minus Gibby, all nodded in agreement and Freddie and Jade shared a quick kiss to celebrate whatever moment they were having.Though Tori was focused on the Seattle based teens, Beck was wholly focused on her. He could see for the first time really that she didn’t really love Nate, and so he was inspired to make the most of this chance. Beck made sure to catch Tori’s eye and gave her a look that expressed his feelings and he looked into her eyes for a second too long as Nate’s arm wrapped around her a bit tighter, snapping her out of whatever eye fireworks were going on across the table.As Beck was annoyed that the object of his affection was distracted, Robbie was just as thrown, watching Cat and Carly do whatever it is that they do. He was angry at cat for stuff she only did in his dream, but the feeling was certainly a tough one to get rid of. If he didn’t feel a hand on his leg as he stared at the two girls like a man possessed, he probably would have said or done something really stupid. He wasn’t that surprised that it was Trina. He knew she wanted to try things again, and with the way he was feeling today, he honestly considered the possibility.The friends, despite their internal struggles with what they faced in their dreams, never brought them up at the table and for the most part ignored the weird or erratic behaviour of each other. From a distance this seemed like a big group of best friends having a great lunch, but for one awkward k*d from Seattle, this was absolute hell.* * *The night came pretty fast since it was winter, but that only made the dinner Nate had planned, reservations at a really nice Italian joint, even more romantic. Nate put his heart into trying to make this date with Tori really magical, praying he could make her love him like he dreamed. He did all the big stuff- holding doors, pulling out chairs, making sure they were alone, and even brought her flowers. He had dressed nicely but as always he was stunned to see her looking so beautiful. She was wearing a tight black and grey dress which came to her upper knees, with a vertical ‘boob window’, which showed off her magnificent cleavage without being too revealing.His difficulty to find words told Tori everything that she needed to know, and she loved that he was always so kind to her and sweet and he made her feel like the most beautiful and important thing in the universe.Despite her feelings about him from this morning, she was now feeling more confident in being with him. He was good to her, and was so much better and different than anyone she’d ever dated. For a few moments, as she looked at how handsome he was, she even considered taking him to bed with her.They enjoyed some bread for a few moments while their order was being cooked and Tori was going to say something the smiling Southerner, but there was music that was getting closer and closer. As they reached the table, Tori couldn’t find a way to respond as he stood up and offered his hand for them to share a dance. There in the corner of the restaurant, far enough away from people not to be annoying but close enough that they got looks, no doubt admiring their romanticism.As the two danced, he was so mesmerized by her smile that he knew he missed a few steps, despite spending the afternoon prepping for this moment. They twisted and twirled, and he pulled her close and as a closing, he dipped her and she surprised him by pulling up on his neck so she could kiss him deeply. As their lips met, she could feel the spark she’d been looking for, for what felt like forever. And as she was pulled up to her feet, earning the applause of the people in the dimply lit place, she began to see things a bit differently. There was no questioning about it now: She wanted him. And not just romantically. For the first time in their whole relationship, she craved him.Dinner went by in a blur, and the got to the Vega house for him to drop her off, but she refused to let him go. Tori led the staunch cowboy up the stairs to her room, looking back at him semi seductively along the journey, and Nate had never been more nervous in his life.”We have the house to ourselves tonight and well into tomorrow, Nate… I don’t really want to waste this opportunity,” she said, reaching behind her. Just as she took a breath to unzip herself, Nate took his own deep breath, not really knowing what he was about to experience.The dress was loosened and it fell ever so slowly, and Tori wasn’t looking away from Nate at all, and before he even realized it happened, Tori Vega now stood in just her panties. Nate felt the tug of his heart screaming about how this was everything he ever wanted, but his mind screamed back that this was wrong. The decision was made for him as she stepped towards him, offering him a sly smile as she gripped his shirt and began to unbutton it one by one before reaching inside and feeling his chest up and down. It was warm and muscular, and she pulled the shirt off as fast as she could so she could press her exposed skin against his. Damn, he smells good, she thought, burying her face in his neck wrapping her arms around him. His strong hands, likewise, fell over her naked back, her soft flesh taut against his hands.Nate knew this was wrong. It was a sin to sl*ep with a woman before marriage, and 12 hours ago, he was almost positive she didn’t even love him. This was lust pure and simple. He wanted to resist but the jasmine smell in her hair stopped him short and he felt like putty in her hands. She led the two of them to the bed and sat on the edge, kissing down his pecs and abs and nibbled at him playfully as her expert hands undid his belt and pulled his pants down to reveal his boxer briefs which were clearly holding something back.Jesus, she thought, Trina was right. Her hands ran across his clothed member, and Nate wanted to stop her and tell her it was wrong but he really couldn’t push himself to do it. He had waited his whole life for this moment and it was as perfect as he imagined. Tori looked up at him seductively and bit her lip as if in contemplation.Her fingers wiggled into his waistband and pulled it down slowly, until it caused his member to bounce once it was fully uncovered. She mouthed a silent ‘Wow” as she stroked it, her hand unable to reach all the way around it. Tori felt so overcome with lust, she couldn’t help bending towards him further and licking his virgin (Maybe, she thought) cock like it was her favourite candy. Once he had been teased enough, she opened her mouth wide and tried taking the head in her hot and moistness.Nate’s eyes nearly crossed from the feeling, and while he knew that this was now ten shades of wrong, he had never wanted anything more. His strong hands drifted down to her head and he kept one on the back of her head, holding her hair when he could. The other drifted down to her shoulder and she held his hand while she bobbed her head up and down his length. It was such an intense experience for him, seeing her take over half his length into her hungry mouth, that he lost all of his bearings, and was barely able to say anything about his coming release.Tori knew he was close without his words, just from his tightening hands, and she turned into a woman possessed. Sucking and licking and bobbing her head, taking as much as she could. She was giving Nate the royal treatment and with a minute, she felt his first shot. She stopped all movement and gently stroked him into her mouth as he shot load after load into her tired and waiting mouth. Tori was pleasantly surprised that he had a very sweet taste and it was certainly a better taste than Beck’s but not nearly as good as Jade. Once he was done, she sucked on the head softly and stroked him, just to see if he had any more in him.On the one hand, she was a little disappointed that he had come so soon, but she knew that when he was ready for sex that he would last really long, and god did she need it. She looked up at him, and he looked embarrassed for some reason, so she stood up and, once she was sure her lips and mouth were cum free, kissed him and held him close.He started to speak but she silenced him with her finger, and she felt his strong arms wrap around her midsection and push her onto the waiting bed. Like an old pro at this, he hooked his fingers into her panties and slid them down her freshly shaven legs, which he took every opportunity to kiss as his mouth slowly led to her molten core.Nate kissed the inside of her thighs softly, sucking ever so slightly until his mouth met her dripping wetness. His tongue slid along her lips, playfully toying with her slit which were craving a cock so bad, she thought she might die if he didn’t stop teasing her. To her delight, his tongue came with full f*rce and performed the most amazing cunnilingus that she’d ever felt from a guy, while his strong thumb toyed with her hyper sensitive clit and her slight moans turned into full on screams as she reached down and pushed his mouth as hard as she could into her pussy, her fingers gripping his short hair while her other hand grabbed her soft breasts, rubbing her own nipples.His sponge-y tongue reached her G-spot and she felt her body beginning to shake before she came with a mighty squeal, and Nate happily lapped up her delicious juices as she came down from the intense high.”Ok, that was amazing, where did you learn that?” she said between heavy breaths.”I studied. I have been waiting for you my whole life you know…” he smiled down at her as he climbed on the bed next to her. It was only as their bodies connected that she realized that Nate had put his underwear back on.”What’s up, baby? I thought I took care of those…” she said slyly, reaching down as he pulled away slightly.”Look, Tori… I love you, and you know that I’d do anything for you, but I don’t feel right about us having sex when I don’t even know if you love me.””Are you serious?!” she said sitting up and covering herself with a pillow. “I just sucked your dick. I don’t just go around doing that. I clearly care for you.””Then tell me, wholeheartedly, that you love me. I need to know.”There was silence as Tori looked into his deep blue eyes, and tried to find the words he so desperately needed but she couldn’t. The lust had worn off and now she was left feeling ashamed and disappointed that she lost control. Nate felt the exact same way as he reached out to touch her.”Now, don’t you see? This was… maybe the best night of my life, but you just don’t love me-“”I might…” she said softly. “I just… I just need some time, you know.””Babe… we’ve been doing this here dance for months. You should know by now. I knew it the moment I saw you.””Please, Nate… I just need more time… please. I don’t want to lose you.”He seemed contemplative as he grabbed his clothes and began dressing again, until he stopped once he started buttoning his shirt. “You sure you want to stick with me? I saw you making the puppy eyes at the pretty boy today.””Yeah, baby… I really do. I want to love you. And Beck and I are completely through… I promise. Please stay the night at least. Now that we know your limit, maybe we can have a round 2 together…”She’s relentless, he thought. But that’s what he loved about her. He slipped his pants off and climbed into bed with Tori and held her close as the two kissed and held each other, exploring each other’s bodies, each one searching for something more than what they’d find. They never fooled around again that night, but they slept happily and comfortably together, and for now, that was good enough.* * *Across town, things were going significantly better for the eldest Vega and her date. Due to vehicle issues, Trina had to pick up Robbie but he made sure it was clear that she was the one being taken out for a nice dinner as well, though without all the frills of her s*ster’s experience. She actually dressed up for their date, wearing a violet flowing oversized blouse that covered everything it needed to and little more and she was wearing a lot of necklaces and jewellery. Robbie was being very nice but she could tell he had something heavy on his mind. She knew he had an unhealthy obsession with trying to get cat to like him and really he was just with her because Cat was a big dyke apparently, but she still felt something konak escort bayan for the nerd.In fact, she didn’t even mind being seen out with him, her fear of ridicule and foolish pride no longer holding her back from being happy. She was still as self-absorbed as anyone could be, but she figured that baby steps were the way to go. A nice sushi dinner and some talking led the two to Robbie’s house, since Trina didn’t even want to think about what home might be like with her s*ster screwing Nate all over the house.They had hung out in his room a few times when they dated and even a couple times outside of that. It was a nice room, and if you could ignore the super clean smell like the walls were covered in sanitizer or something, it was a great place to stay. She thought back to the few times they managed the privacy to have sex in his room, and Trina couldn’t help but be turned on by her memories.”You’re not second place to Cat, if that’s what you’re thinking,” he said boldly without any trigger.”Oh… I kinda thought I was. You get with lesbo girl so you were naturally drawn to the next best thing. Even though I’m the first best-“”Relax, Trina… I kinda had to accept the fact that she’s never going to feel the way that I do and this morning and lunch was tough, but I’m glad I had you there. But you have to stop this self-aggrandizing stuff. It’s really annoying.””What you see is what you get, Shapiro.””That’s the thing. I see a beautiful girl who I really like and want to spend time with, but what I hear is a different story…” he said only half-jokingly.”Fine… how’s this for hearing something: I really want you to fuck my brains out. Like crazy anim*listic shit that the neighbours can hear. I had a dream that you screwed me so hard I could barely see straight… that’s what I need right here and right now.”Robbie had to admit that he was stunned. He was not prepared for this kind of anarchy, but he still reacted like any red bl*oded male would. He pulled her in close for a kiss that was hard, and wet and it surprised Trina enough that he could wrap his hands around her waist and puller her very close, smashing her breasts against his thin chest.Being so close, she could feel how hard he was through his pants and her hands drifted toward his clothed member as he swatted her hands away. Robbie pushed her against the door of his room and let his hands explore her front wasting no time tearing off the shirt dress, leaving Trina in her panties and a bra that was absolutely struggling to support her heaving chest. Robbie played with the necklaces that now rested in the holy valley that was her cleavage. He wasted no time snapping her bra off, freeing her glorious chest and he immediately latched onto one of her breasts with his mouth.Robbie knew that Trina’s real key spot was her breasts. Her nipples were so sensitive that she could practically orgasm just from his breast worship and he really wanted to test that theory tonight. He wrapped the necklaces not tightly but enough to feel around each of her breasts, licking the nipples softly. He suckled on one nipple while he kneaded the other with his fingers and then swapped. He used his free hand to silence her moans as she suckled on his fingers. Robbie was so good at this, Trina couldn’t help imagining she was sucking him off, giving him the same pleasure he was giving her right now.Right on cue, he heard Trina’s breaths quicken and with just a little rubbing on her clit, the eldest Vega experienced her first orgasm of the night. Her panties, now soaked, were pulled off in a flash, and Robbie gripped her plump ass tight with his hand while she rode out her orgasm, still sucking on his other hand.Pulling his hands from her, he quickly undressed and tossed his shirt to the floor. As if this was the international signal for “come on,” Trina dropped to her knees, and began undoing his belt and pants. When she wasn’t fast enough, Robbie’s hand came down on the back of her head, forcing her closer and closer to his underwear with a significant tent. She pulled the boxers down and marvelled at his cock. She hadn’t seen or felt the real thing in a long time, and she apparently had forgotten how big he was. She spit on it and used that to lube him up as she stroked, licking the head and slapping herself in the cheek with it.Finally, the moment Robbie had been waiting for arrived and she opened her mouth wide and took him as deep as she could. When that wasn’t quite enough, he pushed her down a little further. It was a surprise and she nearly gagged, but the fact that he was taking charge so much was such a turn on, she could feel a puddle building between her legs. Robbie shifted his angle so she could get a better reach and began bobbing her head like mad. Trina slowed down for only a second before she felt his surprisingly strong hands on the sides of her head. She knew he was about skull fuck her so she relaxed and let him take over. She had never been subjugated quite like this before, but it was really hot being his fuck-doll. She never imagined he had it in him.Robbie’s paced slowed and he pulled out of her mouth leaving a ton of saliva to drip down her chest. Trina spit a bit more and created a nice way for him to fuck her massive tits. The assault earlier actually made them look even bigger and Robbie thoroughly enjoyed fucking her flesh pillows and hitting her wet and welcoming mouth every so often.”Are you getting close?” she said, exhausted.”Not even. I kinda jerked off before the date so I’d be ready for this.”She was going to respond with something snarky, but his cock pressed into her mouth and she got the hint.Robbie pulled her up from the ground and she attempted to kiss him, but he quickly spun her around and pushed her face down on his bed. He lined himself up without even trying and in one sudden push, pressed deeply into her core, his length filling her up so much that she thought she might pass out from being so full. Trina gripped the sheets tightly as Robbie had his way with her, her eyes rolling back into her skull.When did he get so fucking good at this, she thought.Robbie smacked her ass a few times, which only caused Trina to push against him even harder making their crashing sexes all the more intense. His hands drifted to her hair and he pulled it tight while he fucked her. He looked over at the side mirror in his room and watched himself dominate the self-absorbed teen. It was empowering and it only led to harder and faster thrusts.Trina’s knees began to weaken and her body shook violently as her throbbing pussy clamped down on his cock like a vice, and Trina came with a shriek that truly was going to wake the neighbours. Her body collapsed onto the bed, with only Robbie to hold it up. His hard member still inside her.”You’ve got such a nice plump ass Trina. I fucking love it,” he said spanking and grabbing it softly at first.”Mmmmm…” she muttered. “You like my ass so much, why don’t you just fuck it?”Trina didn’t realize what she had said until she felt the well lubricated member press against her backdoor. It honestly felt like she might be torn in half as his length slowly slid into her tiny asshole. If it weren’t for her sopping pussy, she thought, this would be my death.Once he was safely inside, he gave her a chance to get accustomed to it before pulling out and shoving it back in. The half pain/pleasure from this was overwhelming her senses and she felt herself crying out “Stop” as much as she was crying out “More.” Either way, he gave what she wanted until the ‘more’s’ overwhelmed her and he began to pound her harder and faster.Gripping her sensitive breasts tightly, Robbie fucked Trina’s ass until she could barely move, seeing in the reflection that her eyes were rolled back and a permanent smile was plastered onto her face before she spoke again.”C’mon baby, harder… fuck my tight little asshole like you fucked my pussy. I don’t want to walk or sit without thinking about this. Please… I’m so close… make me come from fucking my ass… please… I need you to shoot that hot jizz up inside me.”Her words were pushing Robbie to the edge. He grabbed her arms from behind and held them, holding her whole weight in his arms as he pistoned inside her like a man possessed. She finally elicited a squeak and a shiver before squirting onto his bed. The sight that his actions caused that was too much and he shot what felt like five or six thick shots deep inside her ass.Utterly exhausted, the teens collapsed on top of each other on the bed and Robbie slowly pulled out from her asshole and quickly headed off to his shower to clean up. Trina wanted to follow, but she could barely move, let alone stand. She grunted at him, and he came back and he helped her into the tub, which they shared for almost an hour. And once she was ready, round two began.* * *At the Valentine house, it didn’t take any sort of fancy dinner or awkward romanticism to create sparks between Carly and Cat. The shy redhead picked Carly up at Jade’s just to hang out and watch a movie, but as they relaxed on her bright red couch, neither girl could think much about movies or eating food. There was some movie on the television, but as Carly propped herself up on the arm of the couch, Cat d****d over her and nuzzling her face against the web star’s neck, she really didn’t care much about that.Carly Shay had felt ‘horny’ in months, but now she felt like her whole body was on fire wanting some attention. Part of her kinda wanted a guy here, but as she thought it through, there really wasn’t anyone except Cat that she’d want to share this moment with. Part of it was that she really missed having someone she could just be free with, but the idea that Cat’s parents could be home at any time really drove Carly crazy to take advantage of the situation.The two girls had shared a few pecks over the course of the evening for their kisses but as Carly shifted, leaving Cat no other option but to be face to face with her, the two shared a much longer interaction. Smiling as their lips met, both enjoying the taste of the lip gloss the other was wearing.Within a few moments the girls were practically devouring each other’s mouth as Cat was now climbing on top of Carly, her flaming red hair swaying and tickling Carly’s porcelain face. Their hands eagerly re-explored the other’s body quickly getting reacquainted with all the curves and sweet spots. Carly pulled on the bottom of Cat’s shirt and pulled the shy girl’s blouse over her head and was happy to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. The dark haired teen craned her neck so she could subtly lick and suck on the supple breasts, toying with her pencil eraser nipples.The web star happily suckled on the pert breasts while Cat moaned and stroked Carly’s hair. Eventually, Carly sat up and pulled her own shirt off and quickly unhooked her bra, just in time for Cat’s hungry mouth to latch on to her slightly more developed chest. Now it was Carly’s turn to cradle Cat’s head as the redhead nibbled on her sensitive peaks. Carly could feel her body aching for more attention and she was sure that her panties were beyond damp at this point. And from the way Cat was grinding on her right now, she was clearly wet as well.As Cat’s mouth was busy, Carly’s hands began to wander, landing softly at the waist of Cat’s pants. Quickly unbuttoning them, Carly’s nimble fingers reached inside, playing with her underwear, teasing her by getting her fingers so close to Cat’s steaming sex, but never quite getting there. Finally tired of the games, Cat pulled away and removed her own pants and underwear, f*rcefully shoving Carly’s hand against her dripping core.Once she had Carly’s hand right where she needed it, the redhead began working on undoing and removing Carly’s tight jeans. The job became further complicated as one of Carly’s fingers penetrated her and began to hook inside her, nailing her G spot perfectly. Finally, Cat was able to remove Carly’s pants and panties and began fingering her as well. The intensity of the moment was increased as both girls refused to look away from each other as their hands shook from the pleasure of the other’s hand. They shared a few passionate kisses as they moaned into each other’s mouths.Their tongues battled as the two raced to see who would make the other come first. Cat pulled away for a moment and lay back on the couch pulling Carly half with her. Carly thought she understood as she got on her hands and knees and spread Cat’s thin legs a bit before diving her tongue into the exposed sex. God, Carly thought, she tastes so sweet. Her desire for more the taste drove Carly to dive her tongue deeper and deeper while her thumb toyed with her clit.Cat reached and gave Carly a look, knowing they didn’t need to use words and Carly understood completely now. The web star brought her body around so that her own love hole was just over Cat’s face, where she could feel the shallow hot breaths against her pussy.The two girls devoured their cores like someone who was starving, and to be honest, after the long sexual drought they had, they practically were emaciated. While Carly’s mouth was anim*listic and hungry rapidly thrashing Cat’s sensitive lips, Cat’s mouth was using slower and more intense strokes, hitting all the right spots like a true marksman. Carly knew she was getting close to her goal when she heard the all too familiar sound of Cat’s high pitched squeals. She could feel the muscles contract around her tongue as she pushed Cat over the edge and the eager redhead painted Carly’s face with her juices as she came with a might shudder. Her job completed, Carly sat up and rubbed Cat’s hardened nipples as the redhead tried to return the favour.This release gave Cat newfound energy as she pushed into overdrive to get her partner to the same finish. Her tongue rapidly broke through the lip barrier before she began to suck on Carly’s clit, sliding her sponge-y tongue along the nub sending violent shakes through Carly’s body. Carly thought her very spine might snap from how hard it was quivering as her release fired with her back bending. Cat happily lapped up her tangy deliciousness before Carly climbed off the petite redhead.The two girls were sliding together to cuddle when there was a loud sound coming from Cat’s garage signalling that they were no longer alone. Like women possessed, they gathered their clothes and sat back down on the couch and prayed that the overwhelming smell of sex wasn’t nearly as strong as they thought.* * *Freddie Benson was relaxing in his bedroom, eagerly waiting for his girlfriend who had gone out for ice cream, to come back. He didn’t particularly care for ice cream, but the sooner she got back, the sooner he could stop feeling bored. He thumbed through a book he’d been meaning to read all winter break but had yet to get around to it, but just as he got started on the first chapter, he heard a loud thump in Jade’s room. She’s home, he thought, and jumped from the bed and looked into her room.The person standing there was certainly not Jade, but Sam. His feelings for Sam were complicated, and in this moment he honestly found it hard not to feel something for her. She stood there in a tight white sleeveless shirt and some running shorts. She was clearly wearing a bra, but it was cold enough that he could steal make out her peaks.”Umm… what are you doing in here?””Oh… Freddie… I… you know, I was talking to Jade earlier and there was this… thing that she said I could use… and I just kinda came in here so I could get it… from her. And I was like ‘Cool’ and she was like ‘cool’ and then she just kinda left.””So, let me get this straight,” he said crossing his arms. “Jade said you could borrow a… thing. And now you’re here looking for that thing?””Umm… yeah?””Did you actually think that was enough to convince me that you’re not snooping through her shit?””Actually… no,” she said, tucking her hair behind her ear, and giving him a playful smile. “But… would a blowjob?”Freddie was so taken aback by her words that he somehow blurted out “Yes!” before the words even went to his brain. The aggressive blonde dropped to her knees and quickly undid Freddie’s jeans and pulled them and his boxers down his legs.”Mmm… Momma missed this,” she said, stroking him softly. “You got no idea how good you feel, Benson. So big and hard,” she muttered, knowing that it would boost his ego. “I could not want to blow you more if your dick made harmonica noises,” Sam said, excitedly as she casually licked the tip, looking up at him before taking a few inches into her hungry mouth. “Mmmm…” she moaned, savouring his taste.”Ok… ok… Sam, I have to say I’m convinced,” he said, as she began to pull off of him. “I didn’t say stop,” his hand held her head in place as she smiled at his joke and began bobbing her head faster, sucking with all her might.Freddie pulled his t-shirt off in a hurry and reached down to Sam who was pulling her shirt up as well. Her mouth only disconnected from his member for a second as he pulled the shirt off of her. She took her hand off his member as she savoured his flavour with just her mouth while her busy hands unhooked her bra, allowing her breasts to breathe as her hand slipped into her shorts and began to rub her clit. She had no idea what had come over her to do all this, but she could not believe how hot all this made her.Between the unresolved feelings they had shared for months and the fact that Jade could be home any second, both of them had never felt this dirty in a long time. Freddie stepped out of his clothes and pushed Sam onto Jade’s bed, pulling the blonde’s shorts and panties off as they slipped back a few feet.Freddie sat up on the bed as Sam crawled to him like a hungry tiger escort konak who honed in on her prey. As she took Freddie’s cock deeper into her throat, Freddie reached behind her and squeezed her perfect plump ass. His hands could feel the intense heat emanating from her core and his fingers slid downward until her slid his index finger along her moist lips. A subtle moan escaped her lips, creating a pleasant vibration on Freddie’s rod. He fingered her softly from that angle and slapped her ass a few times, knowing that all these things drove Sam absolutely crazy.”I really shouldn’t let you fuck me, Freddie Benson, but this is just too amazing.” Sam was now stroking his cock as she licked her lips and looked him in the eyes with an intense fury and passion. “Momma cannot help herself.”Freddie slid down a bit and Sam climbed on top of him, his massive tool stretching her sex out as she impaled herself, a thin smile never leaving her lips until she reached the base.”Oooohhh fuck!” she exclaimed, quickly covering her mouth when she remembered Gibby was still in the house. “You always feel so much bigger every time we do this, baby.””And you are so hot and tight. God, your pussy is like heaven.””Oh… I’ll show you heaven, Benson.”Sam began to gyrate hard on his cock before bouncing her body up and down, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as his thrusts slowly began to meet hers and his hands explored her eager flesh. Freddie was always amazed by how soft Sam felt, considering how tough and bitchy she was to almost everyone. As they naturally did, his hands gravitated towards her chest where her glorious breasts were bouncing heavily.”Ooh… squeeze my tits, Freddie!” she practically screamed through gritted teeth.He did one better, as he squeezed one with his hands, his thumb rubbing her nipple as he arced his neck up and took the other massive melon into his mouth, sucking hard. His tongue flicking across her sensitive peaks as she rode him like mad was creating a deep fire inside Sam that was on the verge of an explosion.Once Freddie switched breasts, she knew it was too late and he understood too as her pussy clenched like a vice around his cock and she came, her juices spilling out as he slowly pulled out of her. She tried to cry out but he pulled her down so that she could only exclaim into his hungry mouth as he devoured her lips.As if the romantic moment was not what she needed, she pushed him down as she rose back up and began grinding against him with renewed vigour. She grabbed his hands and slammed them into her chest, and Freddie immediately began to knead her amazing flesh as he felt his dick might break from her f*rce.”You… are such a dirty whore,” he said, enjoying her actions.Sam smiled, with a half sneer, down at him, her arms now in the air behind her head as she savoured this moment. “Then why don’t you fuck me like one?”Wasting no time, Freddie pushed the buxom blonde off of him and as he maneuvererd her to get on her hands and knees, wiggling her perfect ass at him and still gasping her breath. Freddie got on his knees behind her, and in one swift motion, pushed his entire length into her love canal as fast as he could.Sam desperately tried to say something, but she found that all she could do was make noises as he pounded her insides, keeping with what she asked. She tried to say “You’re going to tear my pussy apart!” but all that she could say was “Unghh. Tear my unghh pussy.”Freddie did as he was told, grabbing her arms and holding onto her wrists like reins as he pulled back on her body. In Jade’s mirror, he was able to watch himself ploughing his best friend and that somehow simultaneously made him both sad and even hornier.Completely under her lover’s control, Sam just allowed her body to relax and just enjoy the absolute best sex she could remember.Freddie certainly wasn’t slowing down and as he let her body slip from his control before gripping it tighter as he pistoned in and out of her exhausted body. He didn’t even stop when Sam began to cry out such obscenities that Freddie was certainly unprepared for, and once she was through, he felt her pussy contract around him once more as he watched her in the mirror, eyes rolling back and her body going completely limp. He was getting so close and he couldn’t wait to cover her in his own release…”What are you k*ds up to?”Freddie nearly fell backwards as he looked at the slowly closing bedroom door where Jade stood in an oversized t-shirt and sweat pants.”Oh my god… baby. This isn’t-” he blabbered, backing from Sam’s exhausted body.”This isn’t what it looks like? Because from my perspective, you were just fucking your ex-girlfriend’s brains out on my bed. That’s not what this is?” Her eyes had this menacing glare in them, but she was still smiling, her ruby red lips twisted into something sinister.”Yeah, but I mean, she-“”Let me guess, Freddie…” the way that she said his name sent a chill down his spine. “You tried to stop her from doing something and you were paralyzed as she turned into a succubus, blowing you and leaving you no choice but to screw her?””I- well… I” Freddie was quickly losing colour as Jade approached him.”Because…” Jade leaned in to whisper in his ear, “That’s what I fucking told her to do.”Freddie’s body almost jerked with utter surprise. “You… what?””Yeah… You didn’t really think I would go out into the cold of LA, by myself, just to get some fuckin’ ice cream, did you?””So… this was a test?” he said, nervously. “I guess I failed.””Not really… I kinda wish you guys hadn’t gotten this far, and I told Sam not to have sex with you, but I guess she couldn’t help herself…”Freddie and Jade looked down at Sam, who just grunted and gave them a full armed, thumbs up, before dropping her tired arm down.”Why, though?””Well, I got to thinking about you and your wish this morning and I wondered what the best Christmas present I could give you before you left me, and knowing that Sam was feeling the same stuff, I figured we would team up once more. So, what do you think?””Well, it was… definitely memorable,” he muttered, smiling. “Though I do wish I could have come…””That’s because we’re not fucking finished.” Jade pulled her oversized shirt off revealing her naked torso, which became her full body when the pants came off. The sight started to rejuvenate Freddie’s member which had retreated a bit in his fear.Jade lay down on the bed next to Freddie as she took the back of his head and f*rced his hungry mouth to her pale breasts. Surprisingly, it seemed like Sam wasn’t finished either as she took to the other side of Jade and began sucking on the Goth’s beautiful chest as well.Two warm and hot mouths on her supple and sensitive peaks was an incredible feeling as she held both their heads in place as the suckled on her breasts, leaving marks no doubt as if they were hungry ch*ldren. Jade looked down at Freddie’s no longer limp member as it slowly grew, she knew what she really wanted right now.She pushed Sam downward until the blonde was at Jade’s well-manicured pussy. The blonde hungrily devoured her waiting sex, not even sure why she was doing this, but Jade definitely had a good taste. Jade pulled Freddie so that he straddled her stomach, his now engorged member settled in the valley of her cleavage. Freddie knew what she wanted and slowly pushed until his cock met her tongue as she playfully licked. She gripped her breasts and pushed them together as he fucked her tits, every so often feeling the hot warmth of her mouth. Jade could taste Sam’s sex, and while it wasn’t unpleasant, she missed tasting the pure man meat she was really craving right now.Jade let her tits go as she pushed Freddie closer so his crotch was right over her mouth. She took as much of his cock into her throat as she could, moaning deeply whenever Sam would hit a sweet spot. Freddie’s strong hand cupped the back of her dark hair and helped her blow him, Sam’s sex suddenly dissipating as she sucked him dry, and now tasted his man musk. The deliciousness of his cock teamed with Sam’s amazing mouth slowly sent Jade over the edge as she came with great f*rce, her back arching, sending Freddie’s cock even deeper in her mouth.Jade’s squeals may have been silenced by Freddie’s cock but they were still pretty audible as her body shook and Freddie withdrew, coming down so he could kiss her as Sam climbed back up to them to kiss deeply. The three teens kissed each other while their hands explored one another.Freddie pulled Jade down the bed until he was standing at the foot of the bed with Jade bent over in front of him. Sam crawled down the bed and spread her legs as Freddie pushed inside Jade, sending the Goth’s face hungrily into Sam’s swollen pussy. While Sam’s core had seen a lot of action, it was still hyper sensitive as Jade licked up and down her entrance before suckling on her exposed clit.The sight was so hot that Freddie forgot he was inside Jade a few times as he ploughed into her pussy, spanking her pale peach of an ass whenever she would make Sam let out a moan. Freddie was in absolute heaven as he gripped Jade’s hips, filling her love hole fully, sliding out slowly and pushing in fast as she moaned into Sam’s cave.Freddie fucked Jade harder and faster before letting go of her body and grabbing Sam’s feet. He pulled the blonde even close to him so Jade’s face was smashed against her dripping pussy which only made the situation even hotter.Her boyfriend fucking her like a madman and Sam’s hands all over her body as she ate the blonde ate made the dark haired teen feel like she was being ravaged in every imaginable way. Jade felt her spine shiver as she screamed out as her pussy clenched and released with a mighty burst. The moans gave Sam the last little bit she needed to also come, and she gripped her tits tightly as she bent her back, covering Jade’s face with her hot and sweet juices.Freddie also felt close as he pulled from the girls and once they were both kneeling in front of him, shot several thick white ropes of cum over their face and waiting breasts. The girls licked off what they could from their own bodies before going to work on each other’s, licking their torsos clean before fully kissing one another, each actively trying to save Freddie’s taste from the other’s mouth.Freddie sat on the edge of the bed and watched them for a few moments before they smiled up at him and pushed him down on the bed and the three crawled onto the bed, and argued over whether or not to get a shower. Freddie sided with Sam to just lie in bed, but after Jade offered the chance to screw them both again in the shower, he felt like his hands were tied.* * *Downstairs in the West mansion, Gibby sat on the couch with a half-gallon of ice cream that someone had just left on the counter. Not seeing any name or reason for it to be sitting there, the awkward teen grabbed a big spoon and quickly ate as much of it as he could before he passed out watching cartoons, desperately trying to ignore the sounds coming from upstairs.* * *Tori was confused for a few seconds as she looked around the saloon, unsure how she got here. Or how she got into this dress… if you could even call it that. It was practically a corset that had a long flowing bottom. But she felt at home in it for some reason. She looked to Andre who was the barman… and he also had a weird handlebar moustache.”You got another customer, Tori,” he said, polishing a glass. “Pretty boy by the looks of it.Something seemed so strange and yet so familiar about all of this for Tori and she found herself walking up the stairs, looking out over the crowd in the bar. She thought she saw her s*ster sitting on a piano played by Robbie, but she couldn’t be sure. The hallway upstairs looked weirdly like the hallway in her house, and she instinctively headed toward her bedroom.Inside, it looked much the same, but everything was old fashioned, with candles instead of lamps and the like. The biggest difference however was the thin body sitting up on her bed.He had a black cowboy hat on, which only accented his dark flowing hair and his piercing eyes as they peered out from beneath the brim. He was dressed in a red flannel shirt with a black vest, and Tori immediately felt her heart skip a beat as she looked at this mysterious stranger. She knew in her mind that it was Beck, but there was something new and different about him.”So you’re the best the Hollywood Arts club has to offer?”Tori was unsure whether to take this as an insult or not. “I suppose so. You, uh, like what you see?” she asked, feeling so out of place, but she also felt like she needed to follow a certain script.”Oh, yes I do. I just wanted to make sure I was getting all the… bang… for my buck.”Tori slid closer to him seductively and found a gun on his hip. Her fingers slipped around the cold metal and she couldn’t help but be enamoured with the weapon.”You best be careful with that, missy. That thing’s loaded and it’s made with hard steel like a man’s weapon should be.”Tori could help but laugh at his cheesiness, but found herself reaching across his belt and rubbing the front of his pants. “Girls have weapons we like to use too. They’re normally long and hard and filled with loads…” Tori had no idea where this stuff was coming from, but it clearly was working on Beck. “And just like men, women need their weapons in them… I mean, on them, all the time.”The Latina teen ripped open Beck’s vest and then his shirt exposing his tight and toned upper body. Knocking his hat off, she couldn’t help but run her hands all over his body, thoroughly enjoying how he felt under her hands. Beck returned the favor and undid her dress and just as the top descended, his mouth latched onto her waiting flesh. His warm mouth enveloped her nipples one by one, gripping her back as he pulled her closer, loving the taste of her skin.Tori held his head as he worshipped her upper body, and she savoured his touch. She eventually couldn’t wait to get to the rest of him and pushed him back. She sunk to her knees and undid his belt, dropping his gun as well as freeing up his pants. She pulled the pants down as his hardening cock sprung into her waiting face. Tori took a few moments to take in his long tool and found herself licking it up and down like it was a piece of candy.Beck’s strong hands descended down and gripped her head as her open mouth took as much of him in as possible, running his fingers through her hair as his other hand rubbed her shoulders. The strong massage sent intense electricity through Tori’s body as she moaned into his member. She bobbed her head up and down, sucking his cock and using her tongue to massage him, and from the way he was gripping her head, she was doing a really good job of it.She could tell that he was getting close, and he had to pull her off of him. As she stood, her breasts exposed, he pulled down the rest of her dress until she was as naked as him. He lifted her up and pushed her to the bed, her legs widening as she landed. Beck wasted no time licking along her glistening slit, his nimble tongue going deep inside.Tori couldn’t help but grip her legs around his neck to hold him in place as he devoured her. He was like a hungry anim*l as his mouth ravaged her and his strong hands pulled her lips apart for better access before he began to rub her clit. Within a couple minutes, Tori were on the verge of an orgasm, and it came with great f*rce. Beck softly licked her juices up before crawling back up to her, his member lying against her leg.”Oh fuck… I need it. Fuck me with that amazing cock, Beck.”Beck certainly didn’t argue as he climbed on top of Tori and gently stroked her hair as he tried to line up with her hole, sliding inside slowly. Her eyes rolled back and smile plastered itself across her face as she savoured the impalement. Once he had bottomed out inside her, he pulled out and slowly increased his pace, kissing her as he absorbed her moans with his mouth.Once he felt more comfortable with her body, he sat up, taking her legs over his shoulders and held her thighs as he pounded into her faster and harder than Tori was ready for. The intense fuck caused Tori’s eyes to cross as her body tightened and she let out a deep guttural scream. Tori’s fingers grabbed towards Beck’s body, scratching his chest with her nails as he pistoned like a man possessed.Tori eventually tried to roll them over so that she could be on top and turned away from Beck, giving him an amazing look at her perfect ass as his cock slowly disappeared inside her love canal. She moaned as she grinded against him, feeling his strong hands grip her soft ass, gripping her hips as he met her bounces with her thrusts.His anim*listic passion was too much for Tori and she came once again, gripping his cock with her vice of a pussy. She collapsed backwards as his hands held her breasts keeping her in place while his other hand drifted down her body to massage her clit as he continued to pound into her.There wasn’t even a discussion as he began to grunt louder and his pace and f*rce increased tenfold and eventually he let out a deep groan, and Tori felt her pussy walls being absolutely covered in his seed. She gasped at the hot feeling and desperately tried to catch her breath as she was held tight.Tori turned over to look at Beck and she instead saw Nate’s face, which startled her so much that everything went black for a moment as the teen sat up in bed. She looked all over the bedroom and everything was as it should be, including Nate’s open arms that she just pulled herself from. That was a really vivid dream, she thought, as she lay back into her boyfriend’s open arms, which closed around her without him ever waking up.Though this night with Nate was amazing, she couldn’t help but lie awake for an hour contemplating the depth and the meaning of that dream. And Beck, of course. Tori felt utterly ashamed that she couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming attraction to her ex-boyfriend, and contemplated ways she could fill her need for him.

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