RoadToGlory: MilfHunt – Marise (57yr) [Chapter 2]

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RoadToGlory: MilfHunt – Marise (57yr) [Chapter 2]It was a fine Sunday morning with cool breeze coming through the window that I woke up to soft and gentle slurping sound. As I slowly opened my eyes, I saw a beautiful mature lady with gorgeous brown hair greeting me with a morning blowjob. As Marise noticed I had woken up, she gradually gets rougher with her blowjob. She was gentle nibbling on the tip of my cock with her teeth and running her teeth down my cock. As she reached the bottom she aggressively sucked my balls and started making popping noises. She then gave me a cheeky grin and slapped my cock, and that is how she ended her blowjob. She told me to get up and get ready to go for lunch with her family. She definitely knows how to tease me…As I finished getting dressed, I had walked in on Marise and she was getting herself ready. She slowly put on a black thong that was partially see-through. Being the fit lady she was, the thong had struggled getting up her fit butts. She then slowly clipped her matching black bra and strapped it on her shoulder. On the process the cupped her semi-saggy mature tits and shuffle them into the bra cup. She then put on this thin white sleeveless dress with flowers painted on them. The dress was rather short exposing half of her thighs. She looked so wonderful and at this stage I had fallen so deep for Marise.When we got to the restaurant ısparta escort there was a beautiful lady and her family, waiting for us at the table. It was Marise’s daughter, her name is Selina, 32 years old, and she had a beautiful smile with a long wavy hair. Her body was slim just like Marise, however she was blessed with a D-cup breast. Selina definitely keeps herself in good condition much like Marise. You could not have known she was a mother of two. Selina shook my hand and gave me a very big smile however there was something odd behind that smile. And then you have Rob, her husband.During the lunch Marise had introduced me as a friend from work. I think she was rather embarrass that a 57yr old lady was seeing a 25yr man. As the conversation continue I later found out that Selina was a private tutor for Spanish. As I had been to Spain previously, I started talking with Selina is Spanish. Marise thought it was great fun, however I could see Rob at the side of my eyes that he was definitely unimpressed. I started getting the impression that Rob was the jealous type of husband. As the day go by, there was flirtation happening in between myself and Selina. We ended lunch with hug and kisses.As Marise and I made it back to her home, she asked me whether I was fond of Selina. I said she was a beautiful lady just like her mother. Marise smiled and escort ısparta it’s alright to be attracted to my daughter, after all she is like the younger version of me. It was a rather awkward feeling, I wasn’t sure if she had meant it or whether she was jealous. Later that night Marise came and spoke to me, asking me for a favour. She told me that Selina is going through a tough times with her marriage. She had told me that her husband forbid her to go out on her own, yet alone have a male friend. Marise told me that she was happy seeing her daughter happy again after 3 years since she had married Rob. Marise had asked me if I would practise my Spanish with Selina, which I had agreed to for Marise’s sake. However I told Marise that she had to give me something in return followed by a cheeky smile. Marise gave me a happy sigh and had took her thongs off in front of me. She then slowly bend over and told me that either holes were mine and that I could do as I please. Marise truly is a great lady when it comes to seduction.The next weekend Selina had turned up at Marise’s home. I was expecting Selina’s family to be there to however it was only her. Marise, Selina and I sat down and talked for about an hour until Marise said I will leave you two to practise your Spanish. Marise had then gone out to get some grocery to prepare dinner leaving just Selina and ısparta escort bayan I. Half an hour had passed and Selina was filled with laughter that she even had a bit of tears in her eyes. As she laughs she often lay her hands on me and at this moment something had definitely formed between Selina and me. I guided her hand into my hard cock and she was surprised. Selina knew it was wrong but I could tell she wanted it. Selina at this stage had no knowledge of the relationship I have with her mother. She had unzipped my pants and started sucking my cock. As she gave me a blowjob, she was touching her clit. Things progressed rather quickly and next thing you know we were both naked. As Selina lay down in the sofa with her leg spread wide opens. I quickly took the opportunity to plunge my hard cock into her pussy. She screamed and told me it was big. I asked Selina if she liked it and she told me even though it hurt a little, she loved it. As I was about to fill Selina with my cum, we both heard the garage door opening. As I try to pull out my cock, Selina grabbed me around the waist and told me to finish it off. I looked at her, hesitating at first, but I kept on going rough riding her. After a full on rough ride I finally came inside her pussy and I pulled it out her pussy was dripping with cum. We both quickly dressed and just as we had finished Marise came into the house. I quickly greeted her and acted as if nothing had happened.Us three had dinner and I was really awkward as at this stage I was fucking both mother and daughter. At the same time I had regretted my actions and felt so guilty…To be continued…

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