Wife And I Get A Roommate Ch. 04

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Wife And I Get A Roommate Ch. 04bisexual male – strapon – manscape – femdom – anal – roommate – dominatrix – enema – first timeWe all woke up late that morning. Still naked and sticky, with the cum, from the night before. I jumped out of bed first to get ready for work. David and Carol stayed in bed. I wanted to call in sick so bad, but we couldn’t afford for me to do that. I had a noon to 9pm shift at the grocery store. Well at least I was getting off earlier than usual.When I got home that night it was about 9:30pm. I walked in the door and David sat there in a pair of baggy shorts and Carol was dressed in just a long T-shirt. Carol was sitting on the couch, and David was in the chair, watching TV. I wasn’t sure where all of this was going and didn’t know if we were going to continue down this path, I was a bit uncomfortable.I gave Carol a kiss hello, and went to go clean up. When I walked past David he surprised me by grabbing my hand and jerking me down to him, I fell on my back across his lap and he pulled my head into his face and gave me a deep wet kiss, then looked at me and said “Welcome home sweetie.”I rubbed my hand on his naked chest then rolled off his lap and said I was going to jump in the shower and clean up. Carol said “That’s a good idea, clean up AND out. David why don’t you go with him? Tony, show David how to clean out? I have a surprise for both of you.”I walked into the bathroom and stripped down, no more shyness. I proceeded to fill the enema bottle with warm water and soap. I got on all fours to insert the tube when David walked into the bathroom, with nothing on, “Can I give you a hand with that please?” his voice was so soft, and loving.I looked up, past his long hairy legs and large dangling cock, and into his eyes and nodded to him. David took the nozzle from my hand and used his other hand to gently spread my cheeks. I felt the nozzle press into my ass and I helped it to slide in by slightly pushing back against it. Once the nozzle was all the way in David lifted the bottle off the floor and hung it on a hook I had put on the wall.As the warm water slowly filled my bowels, David rubbed my back softly and started to talk, “You know I’ve never done anything like that before? Once we started I couldn’t get enough of both of you, and when you fucked me I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I never knew my ass was so sensitive let alone ever thought of having a cock being shoved into me before.” His confession was sincere and emotional. I knew how he felt.He continued, “At first I thought I was caught up in the moment, but when I saw you come in tonight I knew there was more to it, I wanted to be with you again. I hope this is making some sort of sense”.I had my head bowed down to the floor and my bowels were filled up now. I was listening to David talk, relaxing, as I felt his body pressing against my side and his hand rubbing my back.I lifted my head up and told him, “I understand, Carol’s motto is ‘if it feels good then go with it’ and it felt wonderful. I was afraid at first, when you saw me dressed up, let alone seeing Carol fucking me with a dildo. But when I felt you, a real man’s body, a real man’s cock pushing himself inside of me, I got really lost in my feelings. I love Carol and nothing will get in the way of that, but I love the way you make me feel as well.”David slipped the nozzle out of my ass. I got up, sat on the toilet, and released the water. David cleaned the nozzle and filled the bag with warm soapy water. David handed the bag to me, “Will you do me now please?” David got on all fours and we repeated the processes. As the bag was emptying into David bowels, I ran my hand up and down his hairy legs. His body was so hard with muscles; David played tennis and soccer, a lot, and it paid off.I started rubbing his back, like he did mine, making David moan softly, “Mmmmm, I love when you touch me all over. Laura was good in bed but she never wanted to try new things. I love that you shave your body and Carol shaves her pussy, it make you both feel so soft. Laura won’t shave there and I hate it.”I was rubbing his back and told him, “I like your hairy body; it is so sexy and manly. I loved sucking your cock and balls, but I see what you mean about hair getting in the way.”The bag was empty so we were just waiting edirne escort for things to loosen up before he was ready to release. I was surprised when David announced, “I would love to shave my cock and balls like you.” We finished up and I took the tube out of David ass. He went to the toilet and I jumped into the shower.I washed my hair and body. David surprised me again when he came into the shower with me. He got wet under the water. We switched places and David handed me the bottle of soap, “Will you wash me up?” I gladly took the bottle from him and squirt some soap in my hand.David put his arms up against the wall, with his back to me, and I started to soap his back. I rubbed the soap all over his back and shoulders. I moved up his arms and back down. I soaped his hairy arm pits and down his sides. I got down to his ass cheeks and soaped them up, feeling the firm globes and giving them a tight squeeze. David let out an audible moan, “Mmmmm, that’s nice.”I separated his cheeks and poured soap down the crack of his ass. I quickly rubbed the soap all over this tight hole. Taking full advantage of the situation, and to make sure he was nice and clean, I inserted a soapy finger in his ass. The soap allowed my finger to slide right in. David moaned and pushed back against my hand, “Oh god that feels so good.” I felt a smile cross my face.I moved down his legs, soaping up his hairy calves and thighs, down to his size 12 feet. As I started my way back up, David turned around and I started to soap his legs from the front. His cock was hard as a rock as I moved up his inner thighs. I squirted more soap on the head of his cock, and the cold soap made his cock jump. I took hold of his shaft and stroked him a couple of times. I soaped up his pubic hair and massaged his balls. I moved up his stomach, rubbing the soap softly in his thick blonde fur; up to his chest and around each hard nipple.David was moaning and groaning. We were standing facing each other as I soaped his neck and arms. David reached his arms around me and pulled me into him. We started to kiss as David ground his soapy body against mine. He slowly and tenderly kissed me, running his tongue all over my mouth. We separated and David sighed, “You make me feel so good, shave me please. I want to feel your mouth on my naked cock.”I looked at him, “Are you sure?” David reached for the disposable razor on the window ledge and handed it to me. I went down on my knees and before I soaped his cock all up again I had to taste him, I lowered my mouth on his cock and licked up his precum that was dripping out that beautiful thick cock head. It tasted so good and sweet. I licked his shaft and then his balls.I looked up at David as I pulled my mouth off his cock, “Just one last time with hair, now let’s get you naked.” I grinned up at him.I soaped up his balls and told him to squat down a bit so that his legs opened up. I pulled his ball sack tight and started to shave the hair all off. I shaved his taint, but I wanted to keep his hole nice and hairy. I shaved up into his pubes and away from his cock. I left a nice thick blonde landing patch above his shaft. I leaned back and let the water rinse his cock making sure it was smooth.I ran my tongue all over his balls, just above his shaft along the pubic area which caused David to hold my head and moan, “That is so sensitive now, what a difference.” I stood back up. David pulled me to him, kissing me again to thank me.We got out of the shower and dried each other off. We walked out of the bathroom naked and hard as rocks. Carol called to us from the bedroom, “Come here you pussy boys I have a surprise for you.” We walked into the bedroom and Carol was naked on the bed fucking her pussy with a dildo.She looked at us both with a smirk on her face, “You took a long time in the shower so I got started without you, now get your sexy selves up on the bed and start sucking my titties.”We walked to either side of the bed and crawled on the king size bed to where Carol lay in the middle. We both dove onto her nipples like babies taking to their mother. Carol kissed the tops of our heads. “That’s my boys, suck on those nipples, bite on them and make me cum. OOHH! ya nice and hard, bite into them, pull on them, make them nice and hard my little fuck escort edirne toys.”I was biting and pulling on her nipple, stretching it as far as I could, making her squeal and moan. I looked at David and he was doing the same. Then I pushed Carol’s boob towards David, catching on right away, he did the same with her other boob. Her pokey nipples were now touching each other. We both then started to lick her nipples and kiss at the same time causing Carol to cry out, “Oh yes boys that’s it kiss and suck on my nipples together, so fucking hot, don’t stop.”The whole time she was ramming this 10 inch fat dildo in and out of her juicy pussy until she finally shoved it all the way in and arched her back up. David and I took this as a sure sign of an orgasm and clamped down on both her nipples and pulling on them really tight. Carol screamed with her orgasm and I could feel her entire body stiffen.Carol finally came down from her massive orgasm as we released her nipples. Carol slowly pulled the dildo out of her soaking wet pussy.David and I kissed each other right over Carol face, congratulating each other on a job well done. Carol was breathing hard but that didn’t stop her from taking control and telling us to get in a 69 position and lick each other’s balls. David and I quickly took to her instructions diving into each other’s ball sack.Carol took over all direction now, “Look at you two licking each other’s balls, that’s it suck on them, lick them all over. David you look so nice all clean shaven. I bet having a guy licking them feels really good? Now move back farther and start licking each other’s pussies, come on sluts stick your tongue in deep. Lick and tongue fuck those holes. I want them nice and juicy.” We each got a slap on our asses as she moved around from one side of the bed to the other.”You two really love to eat each other out, come on, tongue fuck each other.” I was darting my tongue in and out of David’s ass and his tongue was driving me crazy. We were almost in a complete ball as we rolled up into each other to offer our holes up.Carol was in charge and she knew it as she walked around the bed slapping our asses, “Ok enough, now get back up on the pillows and face each other like to two lovers that you are.”I turned around and moved back up to the pillows. I looked into David’s face as Carol barked her next order, “Now start making out with each other, clean your ass juices out of each other’s mouth. Come on don’t be shy, you just sucked on each other’s ball sack and tongue fucked each other’s pussies no need to be shy.”David reached his arm under my waist, pulling me up to him, and started to kiss me. I returned the kiss and melted into his chest. Carol then pulled my legs apart. “Open up baby I’m going to lube your pussy some more.” Just then I felt her finger pressing into my hole with some more lube. “You too David spread them open and let me grease your pussy too.”David was getting the same finger fucking that I was, as I lay on top of David’s body. We moaned into each other’s mouth as Carol continued to finger fuck us. Our cocks were both leaking like faucets. I could feel David’s cock dripping onto my thigh. My cock was was smearing precum all over David’s hairy stomach.Then I felt a bigger intrusion into my ass. Carol had her big fat dildo, and was pushing it into my hole. I looked back to see that David was getting a dildo shoved up his ass. I know our toys, and Carol was using the smaller, seven inch, dildo on him. It felt good being stretched out that much as the first searing pain hit and the big head cleared my sphincter muscle. I clutched hard onto David and moaned into his mouth.David wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me into his chest as the dildo broke through his sphincter. He was now getting equally fucked by a fake cock. “Ya, that’s it take those cocks boys. Make out with each other while I give you both a nice thorough fucking.”I lifted my leg a bit giving Carol better access to my hole as she started to hammer that big 10 inch dildo in and out of my ass. While she pulled the dildo from my ass she was ramming the other one into David’s ass. The feeling was so wonderful. Being held in David’s big strong arms made me feel safe.Carol was fucking our assed with everything she had, “You boys like this edirne escort bayan don’t you? You both like a nice hard cock fucking you? This is so fucking hot. Your pussies are both stretched out nice and wide. You both are wishing you had bigger cocks fucking you, don’t you? I guess I’ll have to go to the store and get bigger ones for you cock hungry sluts.”I bit down on David’s tongue as my cock erupted all over David’s stomach. The ass fucking, Carol’s dirty talk, and being in David’s arms was too much. Carol leaned forward into the two of us and licked up some of my cum, “One down, one to go.” She was on a mission to make us both cum from just a good fucking.She no sooner finished her sentence when David jerked forward, at the same time that Carol rammed the dildo deep inside of him, and then I felt his cum shoot all over my cock and balls as his body convulsed against me. I could feel Carol licking the cum off my balls and, leaving the dildo’s shoved up into our asses. She crawled up on top of us and we all started to kiss, sharing the cum in Carol’s mouth.In between kisses Carol said “You boys are so hot together, I love you both so much and I know you love each other now too.” I looked at David and he just smiled and kissed me. I didn’t think I could love another, let alone a man. David was becoming very special to me.We pulled the dildos out of our asses, got up off the bed, and headed to the shower to clean up. While in the shower we all took turns soaping each other’s body, kissing and exploring each other all over again. David and I were getting hard. Carol was so horny that her pussy lips were really swollen. We all got out of the shower, dried off as quickly as possible, and ran back to the bedroom. We started to make out again on the bed.Carol wasted no time as she rolled on top of me and planted her pussy deep onto my cock. She leaned forward placing all her weight on my chest so she could reach back with both hands to spread her ass wide open for David. I could feel the lube dripping down onto my balls as David lubed Carol’s ass. I felt David cock push into Carol’s ass, shoving her harder down on my chest. I could barely breathe, which stopped me from cumming too soon.David must have pushed balls deep into Carol’s ass, because Carol bit into my shoulder hard and moaned. “UGH! Oh that feels so tight.”Her hands came down on either side of me so that she could push back against David’s intrusion into her ass. I felt David’s cock slide along my cock from the inside. Such a thin layer of skin separating us, but it felt so good. It was the best feeling ever.Carol just lifted her head and screamed out, “Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Shove those cocks in my ass and pussy. GOD it’s so TIGHT.” I left David and Carol to do all of the work.David shoved his cock into her ass, as Carol lifted her hips, to meet his thrust. She would pull off my cock a bit, and then as he forced his cock deep inside her ass it forced her body back down hard onto my cock. Between, Carol’s juicy wet pussy and David’s hard cock massaging my cock from the inside I could feel my balls building up another earth shaking orgasm.I started to moan, I was ready to shoot. I tried to push my cock deep up into Carol’s dripping pussy and shoot my cum. The pressure of both their bodies was so intense that my cock was in a vice grip and I could not release my cum. My cock was squeezed so tight that when I finally did erupt it actually hurt. The force of my cum must have been intense because Carol screamed out, “Holy shit, you’re cumming so much. Oh ya, your cum is spraying all over my insides. Fill me up baby.”I felt each surge of cum sail through my shaft felt, my cock head flared, releasing a strong spurt of my hot fuck juice deep into Carol’s pussy. This was so intense. I hope that David could feel my cock spurting as our cocks pressed into each other.I felt David grunt and soon his cum was squirting into Carol’s ass. He must have cum in buckets because it was squirting out of her ass and down onto my balls. Our bodies started to calm down. It was really getting hard to breathe now. They both rolled off of me. When Carol lifted off my cock I was still hard and my cock erupted with a strong flow of cum as the pressure released. Her pussy was squeezing me so tight that even blood could not drain from my cock to go down.As my cock finally hit the air my cum leaked out of my cock head. Carol and David both started to lick it up and kissing each other at the same time, sharing my cock in their mouths.We finally all went to sleep.

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